Saturday, June 14, 2014

Introducing Cookie Miu :3

It was a beginnings of May when I realized Cookie wasn't working for a certain character, and I decided to make a rework/makeover of her. I want to talk about the journey that was doing the makeover, the things I changed, and the photo-challenge I will be doing with her :3

First of all, this are the things I changed:
  • I downgraded her eyes from 10mm to 8mm in gray, in order to avoid adding more colors to her. I wanted her eyes to be neutral.
  • Change wig to a white one... this proved to be a huge challenge.
  • Get her cat parts and customize them.
  • Write at lest the introduction to her new story.
  • Clothing in warm colors -definitely no blue nor cyan.

Ok, lets talk about the eyes, first :3 I made a swap with a friend, and she made the cat parts for me, sent me the eyes and tons of gifts. The eyes are now Alice Collections 8mm in gray... they gap a little at the sides, but I love this size of pupils -I'm a sucker for small eyes! I would love to get her some gray Oscar Doll mirror eyes for her some day, though... but now, it is pointless, since my camera can barely capture the shining white spot on the regular glass's.

Then, the cat parts. My friend Morla made them in aepoxie. I wanted a very specific look, so I painted them myself. My crappy camera didn't catch it, but both the ears and tail has a silver part in the point, and the ears are decorated with a flower sapling and leaves, that I made myself in cold porcelain. Then, they are coated in gloss :3 I love shiny!

Ok, then, it was time to curse and suffer and cry over the wig. First of all, I decided to buy from a local seller, given that I had a lot of good reference for her. I must say that she re-defined the term "shitty seller". I whined a lot in Twitter and also wrote a wall-of-text on my Tumblr, in order to not fill this blog with negativity. You can read the whole story here.

Anyways. I followed Antique Lilac's tibetan wool wig tutorial to make the pattern and the wig, folding a little of the leather in the front, but the leather I had was really poor. When I did the wig there were so many almost-bald spots -plus a bad seller that kept bashing and insulting me on Facebook and I had to block up-, that I broke and was really desperate. Hubby suggested me to glue some locks of the remaining hair into the wig, to get a fuller look.

My mom lent me the glue she use to make Calina's wig, and I glued locks in all the front hairline, and in the middle of the top, because it has so few hair that you were able to see the leather! I had to wait like 3 days to finish the wig because the glue needs 24 hours to dry. Then, I styled the wig and trimmed a little the edges. It was useless, because it kept loosing hair. I hope it stops loosing hair, or it will be bald soon!

That gorgeous flask of cookies ^ was a gift from Morla :3

Anyways, I did wrote a little about Cookie's story on the charahub file, but I left a lot empty, because I want to "get to know" Cookie better, before I keep writing.

"Fairies are born in flower saplings. Cookie came from an orange rose sapling of a tree where cats went to sleep under its leaves. Thus, her animal self is a black kitten".

Yes, Cookie is a fairy cat! I already planned her best friend: a mouse-fairy xD  I don't know if I will get her as doll, though...

And finally, through all of this -sometime stressfull- makeover, I was thinking on different small stories to tell. Like Cookie's adventures as a fairy. So I decided I will be doing a photo-challenge, in order to shoot all of this topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Love
  3. Shoes
  4. Light
  5. Dark
  6. Heaven
  7. Ride
  8. Memory
  9. Smile
  10. Silence
  11. Questioning
  12. Rainbow
  13. Gray
  14. Fortitude
  15. Vacation
  16. Mother Nature
  17. Cat
  18. Tears
  19. Happiness
  20. Under the Rain
  21. Flowers
  22. Night
  23. Expectations
  24. Stars
  25. Hold My Hand
  26. Precious Treasure
  27. Eyes
  28. Dreams
  29. Teamwork
  30. Illusion
  31. Creation
  32. Stripes
  33. Deep in Thought
  34. Keeping a Secret
  35. Waiting
  36. Fairy Tale
  37. Magic
  38. Melody
  39. Hero
  40. Mirror
  41. Words
  42. Pen and Paper
  43. Can You Hear Me?
  44. Heal
  45. Out Cold
  46. Spiral
  47. Food

I wanted to pin this list somewhere and go updating the list with the links to the photoshoots, but I have no clue of where or how I should link it. Maybe in the "My Dolls" page? Create a new page? A new slider image? Suggestions accepted.

Anyways, thank you so much to everyone that supported me on this makeover. I sill need to make her the felt cat-paws for her feet... will see, now I want to focus a little on Coco :3


  1. Tu gatita-hada quedó muy, muy bonita. Y sí, se notan muy bien las partes plateadas de las orejitas y la cola. Como siempre, el trabajo de Morla es extraordinariamente bueno. Me encanta el movimiento que le dio a la colita.
    El cambio de ojitos, me encantó, a mi punto de vista se vé más natural con iris más pequeños.
    Respecto a las historias de Cookie, me gustaría que armaras una parte en el blog por ejemplo con el nombre de "Historias de Cookie" o "Aventuras de Cookie" o algo parecido, donde puedan las lectoras ir leyendo e hilvanando las aventuras de la pequeña.
    Has hecho un trabajo precioso con la peluca, aunque lamento que el vendedor no terminara siendo confiable. De todas maneras, Cookie se ve preciosa. Te felicito. Besos.

    1. ¡¡¡Gracias!!! A mi me encanta como está con todos estos cambios :3 Si, estaba pensando en armar una página con sus historias, y la lista con los links hacia sus aventuras :3