Thursday, 24 July 2014

Coco's Story: Interview

Well, I once got inspired and wrote a little about Coco's back story on my charahub files, but never did much about that... but -there is always a but- last weekend I was changing Coco's clothes because I was doing photos for the shawls, and played a little "dress-up" with her, a come with a mix: the little black dress, the white bolero from the hanbok, some hairpins, and a silver belt that I got last year, but never used because I didn't knew how to mix it... and voilà!

She looked so, so gorgeous, and I imagined her going dressed like that to an interview for a model job in a fashion designer brand, and doing some shots as a test. I can see her sitting in a couch, doing all the previous chit-chat, but I can't write it :( I don't know how to start!

So anyways, I'm going to share the pics, and then continue my rambling:

I love how much this dress can change, depending on the accessories I use! BTW, my lovely husband had to make a new hole on the belt, because it was too lose for Coco's waist. (Did I say how much I love my hubby?)

I really love how the silver belt cuts a little the black of the dress. Anyways, I have also decided to update the 10 facts that I did, now that I have a more planned back story. This is probably going up on the blog on Caturday.

Anyways, I'm really happy that I'm finally being able to write more... this has also exponentially increased my urge to bring Channel home (Coco's younger sister... you know, Coco Channel? hahah). But that won't happen in a long time... a girl can dream, though.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous Coco! I love her style!

    1. Thanks!! I really loved this combo, too :3

  2. Realmente precioso el vestido y sus accesorios. Coco se vé maravillosa