Saturday 26 July 2014

10 Facts: Coco ~ Updated!

Hello!! Well, as I said in another post, I wanted to make Coco's 10 facts one more time, because I feel that when I did the first set, I wasn't really sure of making a character for her. Anyways, I write more info about Coco on her Charahub file, but I don't know... haven't been inspired to work on writing more about them in the files.

I will give more info after the facts, that are under the cut! (And yes, I'm becoming a fan of Coco's profile, don't know why).

Coco's 10 Facts

  1. Coco is mixed race. Her mother is French and her father is from South Korea. Her mother was the director of a renowned fashion magazine, and met her father in a cocktail party -he was a CEO of a Korean electronics enterprise.
  2. Coco has a younger sister, named Chanel. Their mother admired Coco Chanel, and decided that if she ever had to daughters, she will name them as the fashion designer.
  3. She loves music. When Coco was young she asked her parents for a music teacher, and she learned to play saxophone. Her favorite one is a tenor sax.
  4. She loves Korean fashion, and even some K-pop groups, but she doesn't like to talk with anyone about her likes/dislikes.
  5. Coco works as a model in a haute-couture fashion brand, based on Paris, France. She sometimes wonder if the easiness to get the job was due to her mother's position and recognition.
  6. Coco's nickname is Cocomiel... but she wont tell anyone how she got it... nor if she really has a nickname.
  7. While Coco prefers to play as the pretty girl, she did get a decent education, and she speaks English, French and Korean. She was always told she had a natural talent for languages.
  8. Due to her job, Coco is always well dressed and fashionable. But, sometimes, she loves to hang out in her apartment in comfy wear. She specially loves big sweaters and jersey leggings.
  9. She would never tell, but she is really fond of her best friend.
  10. If there is a song that would represent her, that is With or Without You, from U2.

I want to say that the dolman sweater Coco is wearing was done using this tutorial from The 5th Atelier, because I wanted to try to sew with no pattern... a complete failure, but I still like it. Also, the sax is from a Salvat collection that I was incredibly lucky to find, I believe in December 2013.

I also must say that now that she is sueded, she can hold her sax really nice!

Also, I want to share this last pic with you. While it doesn't have the best quality, I love it because Coco looks like she was comfy playing her music, while her best friend snapped a picture of her.


  1. Nice updated facts about Coco! :D And lovely photos, it really looks like she enjoys playing her sax. ^^

    1. Thank you!! I'm really thinking that she does :3

  2. Interesting facts. It feels like you're getting her more and more developed!
    Developing a character is really a process and it feels like it never stops, but suddenly you still feel like you -know- the character somehow, even if you don't know everything there is to know about them. If you're not there yet, I'm sure you will be soon. :)
    The pics are lovely too. It looks very natural! :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I think that slowly I'm getting to know her a lot better :3 I think that all this "story" I'm making will be more developed once I get Chanel and Hazel. Also, I still need to get more into Cookie's story.

  3. Preciosa música es Coco! Se vé fantástica disfrutando del saxo. El sueter está muy bonito, le sienta muy bien. Me encantó como vas desarrollando las ideas sobre Coco.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! A mi también me encanta como quedó :3