Sunday 10 August 2014

Of centaurs, novelists, navy officers, and boy toys...

...for Coco, of course. And I'm having a great dilemma. The story begins with the new dress that I'm currently sewing for Coco: a sexy navy uniform dress, that I decided to add a navy hat to go with it. And then, I saw the Resin-Aperture's centre-jour chanllenge that I couldn't do before and I imagines Coco dressed as a navy officer, saying goodbye to a dead male. Wait. A dead male? Yup. I even tweeted it.

Yes, that tweet. I think I finally decided that the possibly dead male would be a childhood friend, son of a family that befriended Coco's parents when she was young. The male should be Korean, I think.  For now, I don't think I will ever dolly-fy this unnamed and possible dead navy officer.

I hope to be able to take the picture I want, using the centre-jour and with the dress that I'm sewing (it is pretty complicated, even if it is a one piece... in my efforts to get a perfect fit, ended up with a pattern full of tiny parts, hahaha). Also, the main idea is to dare to write a little text/one-shot to go with the photos I'm going to take. Hope to be able to do this, though!

Also, I need to confess that after researching for images to go with the Soom The Gem interview, I found myself completely doomed for certain Idealian51 centaur, named Hornblend...

That Hornblend! I think that I never told this on the blog, but I really like centaurs. Everytime we played an MMORPG with hubby, I always told him that I would add centaurs as a playable race. I remember only one game that had at least centaur's NPC, and always regret that.

Here the point was to share that I saw him, saw that he was Idealian51, and fell for the centaur. I even imagined that (if available) I would get him with a human lower body too, so that he could be a mischievous novelist that will met Coco at a cocktail party and fell for her, trying to be silent about her true identity -a centaur. And also, I would get Withdoll Vampire Rachel head sold out, but since this is all dreaming, lets keep going and make an alternative story where Coco will be a vampire, and met the novelist... and so on and so forth.

There was when I saw the price. $1000 without blushing, nor outfit, nor eyes. Damn for an expensive limited edition doll! But I love the outfit, so waaaaaaa T_T. Anyways. I forgot about the centaur until today, when I came back to Soom's site to get the link of the doll sales page and found out that they released a human version Hornblend (instead of adding human optional parts to the centaur sale):

And the human version is around $600!! Sadly, I hate the blonde wig on him, I really loved the one of the centaur. And check out his outfit! I can completely see him as a mischievous novelist... Coco would be mean and use him only as a boy toy, just to have a little fun. Yes, I see her like that.

The issue here, is that he would be just too tall for her. Like a basketball player with a regular-height woman. But Coco is a model. I imagine her as 1.75m tall, at the least! So he would be around the 1.90m almost 2m tall with that proportion! So no. No Hornblend not that I was getting him anyways, it is an incredible crush and another do-want situations of a BJD hobbyist.

Anyways, I see people still requesting the human options on the centaur sale, and I totally agree. It is nice to have a human release, but I think they will need to add the human lower body options. They have made that with other fantasy releases.

Ok, this was a hell of a rant. I hope to be writing that short story about Coco's past really soon. Finally, have you seen the changes I did on the blog? I changed the header, the navigation bar, the slider widgets, and the top buttons. Do you like them? Still haven't decided if I should change the background or not, but I'm definitely going to update the category buttons on the right. Hope to do that this week :3


  1. Los cambios del Blog me encantaron, son muy bonitos. Además siempre es lindo renovarse. Me encanta la idea de un chico que no le revela su verdadera identidad de centauro. Si tuviese cuerpo humano, haría una estupenda pareja con Coco. Muy buena la idea que has tenido. Espero haber comprendido bien el texto. Ya sabes que mi inglés es muy Muy malo. Besos

    1. ¡Gracias! Y al final parece que si agregaron las opciones de cuerpo humano en Hornblend centauro, pero está tan caro que no se puede ni soñar, jajaja. En fin, creo que si lo entendiste bien :·3 Gracias por leer, de todas formas!