Sunday 7 September 2014

Photo Challenge/Story: Shoes

Hello!!! Well, I wanted to blog this yesterday, but I got really angry and the skirt of the dress I was making, and decided to come and post today. 

This time is a little photo-story that I made. In her story (that is still in development) Cookie is a fairy, and she "supervises" other fairies work. In this matter, she once goes to the fairies lair to check and founds out a very interesting item. This is also part of the photo challenge I imposed me, for the topic shoes.

The photos are heavily edited to add the pseudo-bokeh effects, since my camera can't do a bokeh for the life of it. Here are the credits to the tutorial/stocks used:
  • Tutorial: by beorange on deviantArt [here]
  • Bokeh Glitter: by eliseenchanted on deviantArt [here]
  • Bokeh Hearts: by joannastar-stock on deviantArt [here]
  • Bokeh Circles: by trishamonsterr-stock on deviantArt [here]
  • Bokeh Leaves: by joannastar-stock on deviantArt [here]

"What is that?"

"A crystal shoe!"

"For my fairy tail, what am I going to do?"

"You! Help me get a prince for the owner of this shoe!"

Here are some extra-pics of the photoshoot. I couldn't decide to only edit a few:

So, it seams that I need to get a prince now! *looks at Soom Hornblend Royal Guard*. But oh anyways,  it would be a while until I get a male doll, so Cookie will have to find the prince all by herself.

PS: the shoes are from a pair of earrings that my hubby bought me from a local artisan that works with crystal :3

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you have liked the photos!


  1. For my fairy tail!! Hahaha great line X)!!!
    Cute photostory, very cutte indeed

    I hope you get a prince soon /o/

    1. Hahaha thank you! She does have a kitten tail but her crazy amount of hair doesn't allow it to be seen xD
      Thank dear! But I guess I need Coco's sister and best friend before the prince xD