Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cookie's Halloween Story

A couple of month ago I joined deviantArt, and particular two really interesting groups that I love: BJD-Sparks and Resin-Aperture. Both groups are about doll photography, and I must say that I have improved a lot, and got a lot of fun participating in their monthly challenges. I will see if I can feature both groups later in the blog.

This month, Resin-Aperture proposed a Photography Triplet challenge, and we must tell a story in three photos, without text. BJD-Sparks proposed several Halloween-themed words, one of them being minion.

So, with those ideas in mind, I did this small story. My entry to both groups can be seen on my dA, as here I will be uploading the photos with bigger resolution. I must confess I feel like an idiot when I do photo-stories, but this shot was so much fun!! So... onto the story (the dialog is at the bottom of each picture).

Cookie: We got a nice loot, everybody! Now, how should we open this?

Dog: Let me bite it until it is soaked!

But before Cookie could answer the dog, a small vampire appeared!

Nosferatu: ehmm... I... you...

Big Pumpink: Beware! He is speaking!
Cookie: Nooo! He wants us all to become his minions!! *hides behind Big Pumpkin*
Small Pumpkin: *hides jar with cookies*

Dog (thinking): *smells Nosferatu* He doesn't smell bad...
Dog: What do you want?
Nosferatu: Ehm... I... am... alone. Me not... like it...

Dog: he is just alone, everybody!
Cookie: OhformyfairytailI'msosorryyyyy!!!
Nosferatu: O_o

Cookie: Come join us! We have cookies! :D

Small Pumpkin: edible cookies and a non-edible Cookie!
Nosferatu: O_o

Nosferatu: really?
Cookie: bring back the cookies!!
Small Pumpkin: *brings back the jar*

Cookie: now we are having a big Halloween party with cookies!
Everybody: *nods*

Cookie: now... where were we? Ah right... how do we open the jar?

I feel like an idiot for writing all that text, but it was so much fun!!! Poor Nosferatu he is so cute and teeny tiny adorable! All those amigurumis are made by my awesome mum, except the two tiny phantoms that are always in the back -those two were made by me in, like... 2011 I think? The black boots Cookie is wearing were also made by my mom, and I sewn the dress.

The jar of Cookies was a gift from my friend Morla, and it came with a cute label that said "cookies for Cookies" :3 So adorable! Also, hubby bought me that awesome background! I love him, he is awesome.

If you order from my Etsy two or more items, you can ask for any of these amigurumis (except the pair of tiny phantoms). Here are some close ups of Cookie and Nosferatu:

Finally, as this story revolves around the jar of cookies, this is also for my own photo-challenge with Cookie, in the theme food. Hope you have liked this!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So cute!!! I love that nosferatu is noseless XD
    Great job on the dress, I thought the pumpkins were Cookie's minions hehe

    1. Nosferatu is so cute!! I love his tiny little fangs :3
      So happy you liked the story :3 The dress was so easy to get done, she is so tiny! I love that, because it is different to Coco, she demands so much time and details.

  2. Haha, so funny! Cookies for Cookie. :3
    It was a great photo story, dear! You should make more. :D
    And the amigurumis are too cute! Again I have to say, your mother is talented! :D

    1. Thanks!! So happy you like it and found it funny :3