Thursday 16 October 2014

New Threads & Commissions :3

Hello!! I'm really happy because after my last update to my Etsy I got two commissions for two lovely ladies, and I wanted to share them -I did share them on my social networks, but this is a good opportunity to showcase them on here too.

I also want to share 4 new threads that I'm adding to my thread color chart. With this, I have available 70+ colors of threads, in 4 types of threads.

I will put the commissions first, and the thread update under the cut :3

This featured commission was for the lovely Kai from Darjeeling Aesthetics (I did interview her, here). She asked for the Crop Sweater with Bell Sleeves (available in Lime color, in MNF size on my Etsy), but in color #16 from my chart, in SD size, with longer torso, and half buttoned back.

The first commission I had after the update was from lovely Deborah and she asked two blouses. One was the Open Back Blouse with Purse (the original design is available in my Etsy in copper color with lurex, in mini size), in color #31 from my chart and with MNF C-bust size:

Deborah also asked for a Delicate Short Blouse in color #26 from my chart, and with only two pairs of beads. The original design is available in my Etsy, in a dark pink color, in mini size.

Finally, this are the new threads added to my chart:

The LE4s is lurex. I will soon show it in a pair of boots I'm doing. If you have any questions about my commission service, please let me know! And check the Etsy :3


  1. The commissions turned out lovely, I hope they share pics of their dolls in them :D