Monday, November 24, 2014

Cookie on the wilds...

On Saturday afternoon I went to my mom's, because she has a nice backyard with big plants that look like a whole forest near Cookie, and I took a lot of photos with my new camera (thinking on naming it St. Bernard, like the dogs). I also got many photos of nice plants and flowers, but I'm not going to share them here.

I apologize for the horde of lilac clothing, but I don't know what happened, hahaha. Also, I she is wearing the same outfit that before, poor girl :<

I utterly *love* how bright the colors are, and how true her skin-tone looks. No more reddish/too-dark tan! Perfect tan for Cookie :3 More under the cut!

On the next photo, it was a little windy and her hair moved, but I did not saw it until I opened the photos on the computer. I got crazy thinking that the sealant had had some reaction or something, but no. Thankfully, it was only the hairs moving, and the camera joking with me.

Also, the first shot from here is also my entry for this month's BJD-Sparks on deviantArt, under the spark: nemophily. Hope you have liked this as much as I enjoyed taking these photos.


  1. We had the same idea for the BJD Sparks group XD!
    The photos are very cute and Cookie looks lovely with a green background. Sorry I didn't comment or say anything to you these past few days but my internet died and I was using the internet from the phone to send mails to my boss only (and I already ran out of megas >.>).
    Great post!

    1. Thanks!! Don't worry, sometimes it happens, but I was worried because you are usually so much time on twitter!

  2. Buenísimas las fotos!! Cookie se vé realmente hermosa, su color de piel es muy bonito, ahora se luce muy bien. Te felicito por tu nueva cámara y por tomar tan lindas fotografías

    1. Gracias!! La verdad que ese día la pasé muy bien sacando fotos :D
      Estoy muy contenta con como se ve ahora los coores!