Sunday, 23 November 2014

Nikon D5100 Box Opening + First Shots!

Unbelievably as it sounds... I just got my first DSLR!! I still can't believe it, so I'm going to share the story with you. On Wednesday the 12th, I was waiting with hubby because I had to go on a business trip.

 I was bored, and went onto Facebook, just to find a post made by the lovely Eliana -a local Blythe collector, also a professional photographer- where she was selling her Nikon D5100. My OMG face was too much, because hubby said that I should ask the price, because 'asking comes with no harm' -kind note, that this was hour-and-half before we had to go to take our bus. What could I tell, the price was incredible, and it was an unique chance, so we took it. Eliana was also really kind with me having to do my trip, and then with the shipping and my crazyness and everything.

The camera is second hand but it is in perfect conditions, I could not see anything bad. It even came with all the original paperwork, and some filters :D The packaging was amazing too, so here is my box-opening of my new camera!

So many layers of packaging!! It was like an onion!

The camera and the box was so perfectly packaged, with so much detail and all to protect it! I'm sorry for so few photos, but I was extremely excited about this!

And after that, the SD-Card I had prepared broke. Happily, the warranty was still up and I sent it for a replacement -I should be getting the new one by the next weekend. Hubby lend me the one of his phone, so for now I'm limited on the amount of photos I can take.

I really need to thanks my hubby, he convinced me that it was an opportunity I should take, and he always support me so much! Also, his quotes are so, so funny! It started with a "See? You just have to be patience and then everything comes!", the next one was "This year Santa Claus is coming early for you!", and the last one -and my all-times favorite- was: "I hope you will not want a new doll soon, riiiighhhtt???" Poor man! I love him. I love him.

Anyways, I had to rant about his quotes, he knows me so much! But, this also means no dolly, because I'm broke after the camera. It was an unexpected purchase, and I'm so happy we could spare founds to get it :) I don't have a tripod, nor the purse, but I will get them with time.

I have been practicing a little with the camera. I still sucks at it, but it mostly is because I don't know how to control my camera, and I don't have any proper photography education -I'm an engineer, so too much math, too much systems, but no art... music only xD Anyways. I'm trying to shoot on A-mode, to learn about aperture. This are some of my dolly related photos:

I'm so sorry if they are so few, 99% of the photos I take came way too blurry =S But practice makes the master!

I love the bokeh I can get! Also, and how true this camera captures Coco color. Previously she always looked too white, or too yellow, instead of the peachy color she has. Even my hubby noticed this!

Also I love how the wood floor color looks now! And hubby also suggested me to take photos of Coco near the stairways, and I should try that, too. The next one is not perfectly on focus, but I love it.

And the last one is not perfectly focused either, and I also played with black&white on photoshop, but I love it, too!

I know I'm a such a newbie with this camera, but I'm going to try my best! If you have any suggestions and constructive criticism, I will gladly hear/read it! :D

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  1. I think your first shots with it are lovely! And don't worry, math can be useful in photography too :)!!! Make sure to read your manual and you will get better in no time!

    I'm really happy you finally got what you wanted, and it took less than you thought!

    1. Thanks!! And indeed! I was checking with the things I proposed myself for this year, and I achieved almost all of them. So happy :3

  2. I -love- the first picture (the shoes one)! It absolutely gorgeous.
    I think it's looks great already though, and I think you're gonna be a great photographer in time :D

    1. Thank you!! :D
      You are really kind, I will try my best!

  3. Te felicito por la cámara. Estoy maravillada con las fotos que has presentado, la de las botas ha quedado genial y me gusta mucho la tercera fotografía, donde Coco está mirando hacia abajo. Realmente ahora sí se vé completamente su bello color de piel y también luce mejor el color del cabello.
    Estoy segura que lograrás tomas asombrosas. Y otra vez, te felicito por la compra.

    1. ¡Gracias! Sí, estoy muy contenta. Por ahora el 99% de las fotos me salen movidas, fuera de foco o similar, pero de a poco me va a salir mejor :D

  4. waaaa que buena camara amiga!!!!!!! te felcito!!!! esta genial!!! muy buenas las fotos! me encantó! *u*

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Sigo practicando con las fotos, quiero mejorar mucho :D