Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cookie is ready for Christmas!

Like two weeks ago, I started a white and golden draped dress for Coco, and I still have not finished! Hope to do it during Sunday, or in the week... I wanted her and Cookie in matching outfits for the Holidays, but Cookie's dress ended up being completely white, due to the embroidered tulle I used for Coco's party dress was too big for her.

I really hope being able to take a bokeh picture with the tree, before Xmas! In the meantime, enjoy white-lie-an-angel Cookie :3 Excuse the repetitive photos, but she just looked adorable!

Well, this is all for today. Simple photos but I wanted to share them. Will try to take some with the tree, too... but my tree is rather small and simple. Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone! And my best wishes for you all!


  1. Cute pics!!!
    I put the doll xmas tree the first days of december and I still can't take good pics of my dolls. I hope to have something to show before xmas x.x.........
    Good luckt with Coco's dress, it's been a pain to sew I imagine, I always read your te\weets about it X)
    Can't wait to see your photos :D

    1. Thank you!! I hope you can take pictures, I can't wait to see them with the tiny tree :3
      Coco's dress is being so difficult! I managed to cut the train double as I wanted, but wasn't able to finish the edge on it... after that, I need to sew it to the dress, so it to the linen and put snaps. Lots of work.

  2. Cookie es adorable!! Las fotos son muy bonitas y me gusta muchisimo el vestido que has echo para ella. Es preciosa!
    No veo la hora que presentes el vestido de Coco. Estoy segura que será una obra de arte. Te felicito por las fotos. Feliz Navidad.

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! El vestido es super simple, me encanta poder hacerle cosas rápidas a Cookie :3
      El de Coco avanza lento pero seguro. Espero poder terminarlo a tiempo!

  3. Merry Christmas :D
    I like the pictures a lot. They're lovely! :)
    The dress is really cute :3 It looks great with her wig and skin tone! :D

    1. Thanks you, and for you, too!
      I loved the white :3 If she had a shorter wig, I would have done a pair of wings to make her look all cutie :D