Sunday, December 14, 2014

Balance 2014

Hello! Well, it is this time of the year, once again it passed by really fast and I want to balance the goals I proposed myself for this year (dolly related, of course), and check how I did it. The original proposals were on this post (please excuse the horrid photo), but I'm going to transcript them here, and add my comments on what I did, and what not.

Also, and since I blog a lot, I'm linking to old post or images of the things I did, in order to "document" everything, and check what was done :3

What I proposed for 2014...

Since Cookie is coming home in March, I want to get her a wig, shoes, eyes, and buy her a cute diorama from a local hobbyist so I can take nice pics of her.
I remember, I was waiting for Cookie! Ye did arrive safe and sound, despise some complications, but I later found out that she was not working as the character I had made up, and decided to change her. This lead to need to get fantasy parts, new eyes and wig for her. 
Since I wasn't able to get any international packages, I purchased some tibetan wool from a local person that ended up being really mean and near a scammer. I still want to get her a proper fiber wig ~a short one, that will allow her to wear cute hats, and let her tail visible. This was her first shoot after the makeover [here].
I never got the diorama, though. And I'm not planning on buying from that local women either.

A friend pointed out to another local artisan that makes on-demand shoes for dolls. This artisan has awful pictures -all of them in a different degree of blurriness- but I have been told that the quality is amazing, she has stunning feedback, and her prices start at 7USD so I want to definitely give it a try, and order some custom-made shoes for Coco.
 I never purchased anything from that artisan -nor any other- but I did started making my own heels, and I'm really happy with them. This was the first pair, and also the black shiny boots that I utterly *love*.

I want to send another handmade gift for my friend's birthday present!
I did this! I sent her these boots, and other clothing items for her dolls :3

Hopefully, I can save out for a camera! Even if it is way too expensive in here.
Incredible as it sounds, I did got a camera! [box opening here]. This was an amazing case of luck, and hubby convinced me that it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and that we should take it. The camera is a Nikon D5100 second hand, that came with even the original papers. I'm so happy to have it, and I have been learning a lot with it!
I definitely want to keep practicing and improving!

I want to buy myself lots of fabrics and dare to make some of the cool outfits for Coco that I have been saving myself for when I "had learn to sew decently". I'm not there, yet -I'm a perfectionist- but I want to give those outfits a try. 
Another one, I DID IT! One day, hubby and I were window shopping and walking on a commercial zone, and found a fabric store with a lot of variety and amazing prices! Least to say that I already went like... 4 times to get fabric?
And regarding the dresses I did a lot of things and learned so much. I really think that I improved greatly with my sewing, and I'm considering opening my hand-sew commissions once again. You can check the dresses I did in 2014 here.

Make a closet for all the dolly things! I have one but it still lacks of some of the shelves, so I want to take that as a project for the house, too, and then buy me some cute boxes and organize all the fabric scraps I have hanging in different bags/not-cute-at-all-boxes. 
I have a gorgeous dolly closet with tons of cute boxes (that are heavy and full of fabrics, and laces and everything) that my lovely hubby did for me, and my father helped us too. Here is the post with horrid photos.

Make a dolly present, a dress or something, to Calina -my mom's doll. 
I thought I wasn't going able to do this, but I ended doing a pretty big, with oh-so-many-skirts dress for Calina, and I named it 'Laces and Ribbons'. I must confess, I sew meters of lace into that dress, hence the name. I never knew I could attach so much ribbons and laces to a one single dress xD.

Do a meet with my friend! Since we both live in different cities it is kind of hard since one of us has to travel. But I definitely want to do this! 
First no on the list. Traveling is so expensive and so lengthy on my country!

To reach at least 10 customers for the crochet store. It isn't a lot, right? 
 Incredibly, yes! On May we opened our Etsy Store. At the beginning it didn't move too much, but after a while -in August- we started getting more visits, and selling more and more. We tightly reached the 10 commissions, and 3 glorious in-stock sales. I'm truly happy about this!

Win a giveaway! Hahaha, dolly related, please. -everyone can dream, right? ;) 
To my surprise, I won a contest! It was a Halloween-themed dress contest, and I made the Black Widow dress, with an incredible spiderweb shawl, and the crochet heels my mom helped me to do. The prize was points, some cards and a dA sub of 3 moths. I got the points, the cards were sent but still don't got it, and the admin that offered the subscription is nowhere to be seen (already passed 2 months, I had reclaimed my prize 2 times, and still nothing).
But oh, well. I did won!

Well, I think the balance is pretty good and decent. There were some things that I didn't do, some thing I didn't thought I was going to be able to do, and some that I got to do. I already have some ideas for the next year, but those are going to be posted on January.

So, did anyone did a balance? How did it went? :D


  1. Great balance!! You accomplished almost everything, I'm impressed!!
    Lovely photo of Coco s well ~

    1. Thanks you!! And yes, I couldn't believe it when I was doing it!
      :3 I really like that photo, hope to be able to take a nice christmas-ish one, too!

  2. I'm impressed too! You're done so well! :D
    I'm so amazed at all the dresses you've made *o* I need to get one from you for my MNF Ante, someday!
    Congrats on reaching so many goals!
    I'll try and blog about this topic too, soon :)

    1. Thank you!! :D I'm so happy, will try to keep up on next year!
      And can't wait to see your balance, too :3

  3. Excellent post! It really inspires me to make a Goal List for the next 2015 year and see how far I come!

    1. Thanks!! If you do your list, please share it! I always find exciting to see what other BJD owners propose for their year! :D

  4. Cool! You've really managed to do a lot of what was on your list :O
    And it's very specific stuff too, I'm quite impressed *___*

    1. Thank you :3
      I couldn't believe how much I did. The camera was a surprise, I had already thought I wouldn't achieve that!

  5. Felicitaciones por haber conseguido cumplir la mayoría de tus metas

  6. I'm very impressed with you reaching so many of your goals! I must admit that I can't really do a balance check myself, because that requires me having made a list of goals last year, and I didn't... :D And to be honest, I probably won't get it done this year either (but maybe I should make a list of lists I should make...). It's a pretty wonderful idea though!
    And maybe you should make a "How to handsew for dolls" for the rest of us idiots... :D

    1. Thank you!! Yes, having a list is good, help to keep things on track! To me, it helped a lot, but that depends on each person!
      I will try to do some basic sewing tutorials, then :)