Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cookie's New Wig ~ Feedback for FMD

Hello!! Well, this is a really happy thing for me :3 On December, my incredibly awesome mom offered to buy me a wig for Cookie as a present. Due to the restrictions on my country, we decided to wait until new year and to get cleared our purchasing limit; the wig shipped fast and arrived pretty fast, too. Also, the custom fees were really low: only $5 (compared to the $100 fee that I had to pay with Coco).

I'm really happy that Cookie now has her wig! She looks even more perfect, and I finally got rid of that awful tibetan-lamb-wool wig. Thank you so much, mom!

More photos and feedback after the cut.

Feedback for ForMyDoll

What did you order?
Two items:
^ The flower pin was a gift sent from FMD!

When did you order?
January 5th, 2015.

How was the communication?
Normal to regular. When my mother told me she wanted to buy me a wig, I had to ask some questions on the Q/A because we needed some specific information wrote down on the package, so we could retrieve it safely. The first time I wrote, they ignored my questions and answered even some post that were newer than mine. I wrote again after a week and a half of pointless waiting, and they answered at a couple of days, in a really text-message-like.

How easy was it to pay?
Easy, with Paypal.

How long did it take to ship?
It shipped next day.

Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
The fiber is really thick. It works perfectly fine for a white wig, because it is not translucent, and the head-cap is not visible. Also, the ponytails are really easy to comb and look great really nice. The headband is perfect, really stretchy, and it fits both 5-6" (Cookie's) and 6-7" (Coco's) head.

Did the item look like the sales pictures?
Half and half. The wig has some major differences on the ponytails: first of all, both ponytails are curled differently, and because of that, they don't look nice while worn together; also, one of the ponytails is longer than the other. They are less curled than in the promo photos, too.

^ You can see that both ponytails are different, and one is like 2cm longer.

The central part of the wig looks nice, like in the photo.

^ Cuteness overload!! I adore how this part looks on her :3
The headband is perfect, however.

^ She had to have her photo taken.

Were you satisfied with the product?
Yes!! I'm really happy with my gift, although Cookie won't wear the two ponytails together.

If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve your problem?
I did not wrote them about the ponytails.

Would you order from this company again? I would order again because I loved the price and the quality.
I don't know of other company that has so much variety on the 5-6" size. They package arrived really fast, and all, they always send gifts (this is my second order from them), but I don't know! Maybe :)

Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
I don't think so. But one can never know.

Here are some more photos of Cookie being cute and holding poses in one leg! :3 I'm so happy, right now! Her wig is no longer an issue while posing her, I can move her arms freely without risk of picking her hair, and it no longer leave white dust on her either. And the best part: even her kitty tail is visible now :3

So happy! I need to finish Calina's dress and the next thing is the much awaited project of the couch that my hubby gifted me :3 So much dolly presents!


  1. Yay I can see the tail!!! The wig is lovely!! To be honest I can't see the difference between both pony tails xD
    I love that they send gifts *u* I got that pear headband and a pin as a gift with my Ailene's gift and now I hope I get something else with the order I'm waiting XD!! The pin they gave you is prettier than mine though :P!!

    Lovely purchase, thanks for the feedback!

    1. Yes, the tail!! Thank you :D
      Check that one of the curls starts lower than in the other, and because of that, that ponytail is longer. The headband is perfect, and sometimes it looks like if Coco were wearing earrings!

      I'm sure you will get some gift, too. They always send things out!

  2. It's such a cute wig! Really lovely :D
    Thanks for posting the review too :) It was nice to read!

    1. Thank you, dear!!
      It passed so much time since my last review!

  3. That wig is perfectly adorable on Cookie!

    I confess, I actually think the uneven ponytails make for a charming look together - like a little girl who helped do her own hair, or something like that. ;)

    1. Thank you!
      That is a really nice idea, to be honest :3 They look so Miku and so adorable to me!

  4. Cookie se vé ADORABLE. Me encanta con las colitas y me gusta mucho más sin ellas, se luce como una verdadera gatita XD
    Me encanta esta peluca y me alegra mucho que estés tan feliz con ella. Saludos.

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Es perfecta la peluca, le queda bellísima :3

  5. Congrats on her new wig, it was a super nice gesture of your mom! :) Disappointing that it didn't look like pictured, but I must admit that I think the one ponytail is far more playful and cute than both anyway... ;)

    1. Thank you so much!! Indeed, it was a really nice gesture, and I'm also happy for the low custom fee :3
      I love it with one ponytail, it looks adorable!!

  6. So cute~ :D I like FMD wigs, but sometimes their cutting/styling is a bit inconsistent XO I've noticed the same with Leeke though, and they take a much longer time to ship!

    Anyway, I think if you "strategically" place the pony tails the difference will be hardly noticable xD!; she looks great!

    1. Thank you!! I have heard the same thing about Leeke, though I have never bought from them. Nice idea, thank you! I will definitly try positioning the ponytails.