Sunday, 5 April 2015

Finding the Spider Queen ~ Photostory

Yes, more Cookie's photo-stories!! And soon, Merry will join the photo-story things, too! Before I forget, the bokeh effect I used is from TrishaMonsterr at DeviantArt.

Anyways, if you remember, a lot of time ago, Cookie was asked to investigate some events, and found a magical apple that scared the whole fairy kingdom. After some time, Cookie was asked to go meet the famous Spider Queen about that apple. As I do not have a particular doll for this character, I dressed Coco as the Black Widow so she can play as the Queen here... and you may think of all the white as spiderwebs.

As always, the story is narrated in italics.

The elder fairies had sure taken their time to come up with an idea about that apple and, in Cookie's eyes, it wasn't the best. She was asked to go to the Spider Queen's lair, and ask her if she knew anything about the apple... not to blame her, of course! But the Spider Queen was really old and wise, and hundreds of years ago, she even kept a fluid relation with the fairies. Or at least, that was what the books said.

Cookie arrived to the entrance of the lair, just to be impressed about all the spiderwebs hanging around. They spread tiny shining spores that will softly light the place. She took a deep breath, pressed her notebook and apple against her chest, and gathered courage to start walking. 

It took only a few steps inside the lair, and the apple fall to the ground. When Cookie looked down, there was a tiny and shiny  six-legged spider crawling on top of it.

"Stop there, fairy! What is your business here? And why would you bring such a dangerous object as this?" Stated the spider.

Cookie observed it for a couple of seconds, trying to fight her urge to sit down and play with the spider.

"The elder fairies sent me to ask the Spider Queen about this apple. Its magic is old, and we are in need of her advice" Cookie said, sitting, and watching how the tiny spider crawled to her dress.

"In that case, I will take you to Her" said the tiny spider, and then raised its two front legs "But you must be careful and never look Her into the eye! Promise it!".

"I will" Cookie promised, while taking her right hand to her heart. "I won't look her into the eyes, but I need to speak with the Queen".

"Then wait here, or you will get lost".

The spider left in a hurry and Cookie stood up, holding the apple and the notebook. The tiny spider came after some excruciating minutes of endless and pointless wait, and slowly led her between spiderwebs. 

Cookie was following it, until they suddenly stopped. When Cookie started looking up, she froze. She never imagined the Spider Queen being so big, giant, powerful, intimidating and... beautiful. The cave was black as the night around her, and the spores surrounded her like if she was their only light. The Queen was also sitting on a big throne.

The Queen looked like a human woman, dressed in spoderwebs, with bloody red hair and big black horns that spawned from her head. Cookie remembered no to look her in the eye, and directed her gaze to the floor. The spider that had lead the fairy there quickly left her side, and crawled into the Queen's legs.

Without knowing, the apple and the notebook fell from Cookie's hands.

"State your business, little fairy". The Queen spoke and her low-toned voice resonated in the whole lair.

"The elder fairies sent me to ask your kindness to help us with a mistery" Cookie said, regaining composture. "We found this apple, but its magic is too old for the elders to recognize it".

"Show me" was the command, and the Queen extended her hand.

In the instant Cookie grabbed the apple, wondering how she will give it to the Spider Queen, the fruit started floating in the air, controlled by the Queen, until it reached her hand... and then, she started to inspect it, carefully and slowly.

"For once, your elders are wise, fairy" Said the Queen, after a while. "This is indeed magic of old. But you should be careful with it".

The apple started floating again, until it was on her hands again, and then, the Queen spoke.

"More magic items will come, I can feel it... now go".

Cookie nodded, and started walking. She would not contradict the Queen and ask more questions, but she was also very worried. More magic items coming? What would she do! Cookie walked until she reached the point on the lair where she had met the tiny spider, and then grabbed her head.

"What am I going to do! What should I tell the elders!" She questioned.

In that moment, Cookie realized that the tiny shiny spider was making her way up her dress.

"What are you doing here? You can't come with me!" Cookie hurried to say.

"That is not why I am here" the spider said. "The Queen sent me to warn you: she just felt that the same magic of the apple is somewhere out there: there is another magic object lost".

"Whaaaat!" Cookie raised her hands on dispair and surprise. Another item? This thing was getting really complicated.

"The Queen told me to draw you a map" The spiderling reached Cookie's notebook, and started sketching a map with webs and dust. After it was done, the spider said its goodbyes "Good luck on your journey".

Cookie watched the spider go, and then looked at the map. 

"By my tail! The Forbidden Forest!? I need to take this to the elders... and take a nap!".

This is taking a twist that I did not plan, hahahaha. Long story is long, I know! But I'm having so much fun with this. I hope to be able to introduce Merry soon, and then, I will probably have to do a story-index, if I keep this thing going on.

Also, I failed on the spot I selected as setup. I should have used the same one I did for the Sleeping Beauty, instead of my regular spot, that is smaller. It made taking photos of both of them together awful, and I did not like any of those =S

Anyways, thank you so much for reading, and I apologize for any spelling mistakes I may have done. Would you like to see a sequel?


  1. I loved it, this was a fun and cute read. I hope you get a doll for the spider Queen someday, though Coco does it splendidly well

    1. Thank you!! But I don' think I will get a doll for that character (the Spider Queen).
      I'm glad you liked it!

  2. So cute little doll and apple !! ♡ I like you dolls, and you take beautiful photos : 3
    (/ n w n ) / ♡
    Are you made that your's little doll the dress yourself?
    It's really beautiful! And also these things image editing c:

    1. Thank you so much! Your kind words means a lot!
      I designed the dress, and my mom knitted it in crochet :3 She does amazing things for dolls! We have an Etsy, in case you want to check it out (she does the crochet and I do promotion/communication/photos)! *shameless self promotion*