Sunday 28 June 2015

Rosette, Sewing Plans and Cookie :3

Hi there!! Well, I think I said it before, but last couple of weeks have been so stressful for me =S I was thinking on making a little photostory featuring Cookie for this weekend, but then I decided on writing a small rant/ideas post, since I wanted to share somethings I have been thinking and... what is this blog for if I can't share ideas?

Anyways, the first thing I want to talk about is Soom Rosette. I have wanted one for so long! I found them a couple month after getting Coco, but then I got Cookie and oh well. They recently released basic dolls! The boys are cute, but I'm not into boy dolls... gosh I don't even know how to pose them, to be honest. There were to 'new' ladies sculpts that I really liked: Lavender and Holly.

Photos by Rosette: left is Lavender and right is Holly.
Sales pages are linked above, in their names.

Then, I messaged Rosette's Micky on Twitter, and she told me those aren't new sculpts, but the old limited Vela and Mia! She even twitted it publicly! Vela and Mia have been on my wishlist for so long! I want one of those sculpts (preferably Vela) on a Muse Girl body for a character named Chanel. You can read on my charahub about Chanel, but she is Coco's younger sister.

This may sound disappointing, but I'm not getting none of them now T_T The tripod was expensive, plus I got the Coolcat order... so no, not now. Plus I need to manage my packages carefully. However, this make me happy because both Vela and Mia were limited before, and now they are basics, which means that in some future release of basic dolls (Rosette told it is going to be each 3~4 months, aprox) I would be able to get one!

I also want an Iplehouse Violet... hell, an Iple was the first doll I really wanted, but she surpassed what I could afford. So knowing the aesthetic I liked, when I got the money, I started searching dolls around a price range I could afford, and when I saw a picture of the Withdoll mini girls, I found in love with them.

But, these two (the Rosette and the Iple) are the two dolls on my wishlist (a third could be a pet, either a cat or a dalmatian), and I hope to slowly start saving for them :3 Seeing that my fave Rosettes are now basic sculpts made me really happy!!

Anyways, changing topics and since winter is here to stay, Cookie got a winter-ish outfit! I also retouched her ears and tail, and repainted them. I will gave them a new gloss coat today.

 I don't know which mischief is Cookie planning, but oh well.

Regarding sewing, I want to make both Cookie and Merry cute dresses, and also have been planning on making a jacket for Coco. I got the fabric for that some time ago, and wasn't able to sew them, but since holidays are coming soon gosh this year is flying I hope to start with all this soon.

Hopefully, one of my tinies gets a new outfit this weekend :3 

Anyways, changing topic again, congrats to people on the USA! Yesterday was truly a victory! Hopefully, more countries will follow :) Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Great to hear that about Soom Rosettes! ♥ Hope you'll be able to get one in the future :)

    Adorable photo set of Cookie x3 I wonder what she has on her mind...

    1. Thank you!! I hope so too!
      And Cookie, I don't know! I believe we will find out soon xD

  2. I adore all the Rosette girls too - I hope you can buy at least one! I can never decide which sculpt I like best, as I like near all of them!

    IH is also an amazing company~!
    It's winter over there? It's 35 degrees here T__T; Somehow I envy you!

    1. Rosette girls are adorable! I have three that I like: Vela, Mia and Marguerite, but I only want one of them :3
      And yup, it is winter in here, sadly Xmas is during summer xD If you are having 35ยบ Celsius, that is hot! xD Summers here are hot, too.

  3. You should never hold back on sharing your ideas! :D I can't speak for anyone else, but I love to read about plans and such! :3
    I'm so happy Rosette made Vela and Mia basic, so you can buy one one day! :)

    The photo of Cookie is great! Such an adorbale outfit, too. <3

    1. Thank you dear, you are really kind!!
      Seeing them as basics made my day. At least they are not as hard to get as before!
      And thank you for the compliments about Cookie!

  4. Cookie looks beautiful! It's fun to have doll goals I think. If you got all your grails at once, you wouldn't have things to look forward to! :D

    I'm curious what country you live in. I live in the US, and I remember you saying that it's winter for you. It's a hot hot summer for me, haahaa.

    Good luck with the dresses, and jacket! :)

    1. Thank you!! Well, I guess that after dolls comes expensive new camera lens, and expensive fabrics that I do not dare to buy now, hahaha.

      Thanks for the good wishes!