Wednesday 5 August 2015

And The Winner Is...

Hello everybody! First of all, I want to say a heatfelt thank you to all of you who entered our giveaway! We got 39 entries and, to be honest, we thought we would get 6~7 at most. Some of you even participated in almost all of the social sites, and that means a lot for us!

Therefore, yesterday I cutted all the tiny papers with names, and went to my mom's so she could make the drawing; after all, it is her store! She was really happy and enthusiastic about this!

Anyways, you can see the drawing on this Instagram video. The lucky winner is iamthechamepion who participated over Instagram! Congratulations!! You have 48 hours to contact me!

Finally a small notice: we are having issues with our thread supplier, so we will work with our stash only until we solve this. Also, we will have small increase in time for our custom request/commissions (this only apply for my mom's crochet commissions over Etsy!).


  1. Felicitaciones a iamthechamepion!!! Que buena suerte!! Te felicito de corazón, espero que tus niñas disfruten de este premio contigo. Saludos.