Saturday, 8 August 2015

Doll Plans & BDay Present

Yes! It is that time of the year!! My birthday is next week, but since half-way July the hubby has been bugging me and asking what I wanted as present. Then, on July 27th, Pupa*Casa announced a pre-order of Lullaby Poem wigs, which I have been keeping an eye on for more than a year, and guess what I asked as present? :D

I got a little frustrated when I was picking them because the same color looked way too different on each picture, and also the styles I wanted were not available on the colors I wanted. But, happily, I know some amazing doll people that helped me with this! Shout out to Tjassi and Lise for their help, and to Morbid for their chat with me at Dollaholics. Thanks to all their help, I decided on a wig and hubby bought it for me! Yay! I won't have it until October, probably, because this is a pre-order with 30~60 days to be done, but oh well.
This wig is intended to replace Coco's 'default wig' for one less worn and with higher quality.

[^screencap of Pupa*Casa's preorder page]

I got LPW002 in 6-7" Milk Tea color (example here), and when I was deciding, a wild hubby appeared with a faithful question xD: "Why don't you get two wigs to save on future shippings?" give me a moment to express how much I love him, because he knows about my hobbies and he is adorb!!!! OK, so I was looking, and all I could think on were wigs for dolls I don't have. More precisely, the doll I want to make Coco's sister...

So I started thinking what to do. You know I want to get higher quality eyes for Coco, but getting two pairs, will save me shipping. One pair for Coco, and one for a doll I do not have yet! (yes, you may know where this line of thinking ends).

Then I watched my reference folder for fashion, and I realized how much reference/inspirations I have for Chanel, which would be Coco's sister!! I have so many concepts and ideas, and human outfits that I would make in miniature, and even fabrics for a doll I yet don't have... then, I could buy eyes and wigs for them both, and....

Dang it, I want a new doll xD

The sculpt I have in mind is a Soom Rosette Lavender/Vela, with the Muse Girl body (which means the shorter body, with small bust). Their new sales model opens the sales for basic dolls each 3~4 months, so I can't have it now (don't have the money either). Since Rosettes have those thuds on their eyes to wear silicone eyes, they need modding; therefore, I need to get Soom eyes with her, until I mod her and get her quality eyes. I estimate that I need $500 including shipping and excluding custom fees... that would be another $250 for the fees, on the worst-case scenario.

So my original plan was to get the eyes for Coco (to finish her 'upgrades') and then start saving for Chanel. But then, I decided that I'll wait on the eyes for Coco, and then after I get Chanel (hopefully next year!) get them both urethane eyes and more wigs, which will be Lullaby Poem wigs (yes, adding more wigs for Coco, too), if I like the color/quality of them. I will, of course, do a review/feedback as soon as I get my bday present wig :3

The saving part will be slow, because I estimate a year of saving. I was considering making two coats for mini BJDs and put them up for sale on DoA, to help me increase my savings, but I don't know if anyone would be interested? Because you know, the Etsy is my mom's, not mine also meaning her profits. Since the horrid confession I got, I feel that I must always clarify :(

Anyways, the sales period for Rosettes isn't open, and therefore I have time to save. I'm really happy right now, not only because of the gift, but also because having such a clear goal feels good!

Do you have any planned purchases? I would love to read about them!


  1. Exciting! ! I was so curious I decided to check this on my phone anyways. Your blog is very android friendly xD
    So did you get one or two wigs in the end? All the stuff in between got me confused x)
    In any case I'll be waiting for that review! And I'm so very happy that you can finally put a date on your new doll purchase. I remember when we started talking you weren't sure when you could get another doll. And here we are, you have 2 tinies you didn't have back then and a very solid plan for the future. It really makes me happy
    Also, soom silicone eyes are really nice. They are not the best, but nothing is compared to urethane ones anyways. In case you decide not to mod.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the new layout is mobile friendly, I tried my best when I coded it!

      In the end, I got the wig LPW002 the one pictured. I'm sorry for the confusion! It was more like I tried to share how I doomed myself. Yeah, I now! But Merry was a gift, so no saving involved. Thanks for being happy, that is really nice of you!

      Well, regarding modding, I told the hubby about it and he told me that he can maybe mod it for me. Will see. At least I have a plan!

  2. Happy pre-birthday!

    I've done that "waiting on the eyes" thing so many times that I have a couple of dolls who have had their "temporary" eyes in for more than three years! This actually reminded me that I ought to do something about that... ;)

    1. Thanks!! :D
      Well, I like her Eyecos, they were intended as "default" eyes when I bought them, but now I like the idea of getting low-dome urethanes xD I guess she do 15 more months without them! I really want the Rosette :3

  3. It was so nice of your hubby to buy a doll wig for your birthday <3 I always love hearing that people's families are supportive of the doll hobby~ Lullaby Poem has really nice wigs I think, I'm planning to order one during this pre-order as well! Looking forward to seeing your review of the wig :3

    It's always so hard trying to decide which doll to get next and whether to spoil a doll with something new or not ^^;

    1. He is adorable! It is not the first time he buys me doll things, or allows me to get things shipped at his name so I can use his package allowance. He is adorable :3

      Hope you can get those LP wigs too, would love to see your amazing collection on them!

      I guess the thing that scares me the most is getting stressed by wanting to sew for all of them and not having enough time. Oh well, I believe I will have to organize myself better then xD

  4. First of all, congrats in advance on your birthday <3
    It's so kind of your hubby! He sounds like such a sweetheart :3

    The wig is very cute and I think it'll be great in that color! :D

    Damn, it's always so hard wanting new dolls ;__; But someday!

    But I think you have some great plans :D I'm excited to see you execute them :3

    You should try and put up some coats for sale! Your work is so gorgeous!

    Atm, I don't have any planned dollie things, because I just bought another head XD oops

    1. Thank you dear! And thanks for all the help you and Tjassi gave me!
      Also, thanks for the idea about the coats! I will see if I can make some after DoA's triathlon ends.
      Which head did you buy? Congrats!!

    2. No problem dear :)
      I hope you'll be able to sell some :)

      I bought a Supia Jacob head I found on DoA ^^ I hope to be able to get it painted by Pearls of Danube, I also just shipped off a Dollits Rey head to her last week.
      I just hope she doesn't still has a wait of 6 months X_X

    3. Congrats then!! I have seen her works and they are amazing! But a 6 month waiting list is long!

    4. Thank you :D
      I hope it was a harsh time for her or something, and that wait times are less extreme now :P

  5. Felicitaciones adelantadas por tu cumple, tu adorado te ha hecho el mejor regalo, no importa lo que tengas que esperar para que llegue. Muy linda la peluca, Coco se va a ver preciosa

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! :D
      Sí, estoy segura que se va a ver preciosa :3

  6. Haha, I see how your train of thought got you into trouble :D The same happens to me!
    It is fun to plan out new dollies though~~~ :D Hope you can get your lovely Rosette soon!

    1. Hahahah, thanks!! Yes, it was like a money-suicidal-train of thoughts xD
      But I have wanted this doll for a lot of time, so I'm really happy about this! But I won't post plans for her until I have more funds, or until I buy her.

  7. Happy birthday, in advance!
    So cool that you hubby gave you a doll wig that is so cute!
    Exciting with the incoming Rosette :D

    My most future doll purchases will be the sportset and lingerie set from you, a head from Doll In Mind AND paying off my last layaway payment for my Apodoll Mélia :D My family has expanded a lot, suddenly @w@ I'm pretty excited though. And then I'll be able to save up for shoes and eyes for all of them :D

    1. Thank you!!
      Ohh I didn't knew you were paying an Apodoll Mélia! Such an amazing doll, I saw her promo pics and poseability and I was stunned! Which head from DiM are you waiting? Congrats!

    2. You're welcome!

      YEah, I am pretty excited about it :DD I found out I wanted her a couple of days after the preorder had ended, but she let me get in on one anyway!
      I'm gonna get a Larina with half closed eyes :D thanks!

    3. Ohh, congrats then!! You are really lucky! Hope you will share lots of pics :3

  8. Ohhh!! Very lovely dolly plans. It is always so nice when your love gets you, and wants to help make what you love better! :D

    1. Thank you!! Indeed is nice, he is adorable!! :D
      So lucky to have him.