Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lullaby Poem Wig Review

Hello!! I don't think you remember, but back in August there was a Lullaby Poem wigs pre-order, and hubby ordered one for me as bday present (you can read that post here). The wig was shipped on October, and on Wednesday the postman decided that ringing the door bell was just too much trouble, and left a notice! Hubby rescued my package yesterday, so here we are!

I will do a small review about the wig, talking about some details I really love, and then I will answer the classic feedback questions about Pupa*Casa (dealer that made the pre-order) and the wig. Beware of lots of images under the cut!

General Impressions

First of all, the wig came in one of the cutest boxes I've had! It was properly taped, had this cord tying it up, and an adorable stamp with an elephant! Inside, the wig pack was very protected and had this Lullaby Poem banner tied up to one of the protections. I also got a lovely Pupa*Casa card. You can click the following image to enlarge it!

An interesting point to talk about, is the head cap. When I took the wig out of the package, I thought it wasn't stretchy at all (I've handled both stretchy and non-stretchy wigs in person), but when I inspected it carefully, I had the pleasant surprise that the head cap is indeed stretchy, but the elastics are "hidden" under the fabric, specially the one near the edges. I point this out because the wigs I've seen had it mostly visible... of course, those wigs I'm talking about were not high quality.

Also, it is worth noting that the fiber is really soft and thin (but of a nice quality and sturdy), which makes it look perfectly in-scale with the doll. The color varies slightly depending on the light, since I checked on a room with natural light, and on a room with the light-bulbs I use for photos... this doesn't bother me, natural hair also tends to change depending the light.

Here is a picture of the head cap:

Another interesting point, is that the wig is too easy to comb, and the bangs appears to not be "set" on a shape, and can be naturally moved from one position to another. I personally prefer Coco with the side bangs, though! Also, Coco wears 6-7" wigs (like Yo-SDs) and I was concerned it may be too short for her, but nope! The wig is really long, so I guess a 1/6 doll would have super long hair!

The following pic has the real color as my camera captures it, with only levels/balances, and no filter nor special effects.

Feedback for Pupa*Casa

What did you order?
I ordered a LPW002, in 6-7" and Milk Tea color.

When did you order?
During August 2015 preorder, at Pupa*Casa [link here].

How was the communication?
Perfect! I contacted Turbow (Pupa*Casa's owner, you can read her interview here) about several doubts I had, mostly because I was going to use hubby's information, since I already reached my yearly package allowance (local laws, sadly). She answered those, and lots of questions about color availability.
I need to mention that she was always polite, respectful and answered promptly (considering our timezone difference) to all of my questions.

How easy was it to pay?
It was very easy, through PayPal. I want to point out that it was done in two payments, in the following manner:
  • 1st payment was the wig value only, this was done when I placed the order during pre-order time.
  • 1nd payment was when the wig arrived to Pupa*Casa, and was shipping + custom fees (the ones Turbow had, splitted among all the people from the order, I believe). After I paid this amount, the wig shipping.

How long did it take to ship?
It was 2 month since I entered the pre-order, which was exactly the estimated time that was announced when the pre-order started, and then it shipped 2 days after I paid the shipping.

Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
The quality is amazing. As I said before, the fiber is soft and thin but sturdy and of quality. It was slightly messy on the back, but I blame that on an agitated trip. It was super easy to comb it using a wig stand, and when put on the doll, the fiber hangs naturally.

Did the item look like the sales pictures?
At the beginning was hard to decide between colors. I was unsure between Capuccino and Milk Tea, because several pictures (all from Pupa*Casa) had pictures were a wig of the same color, looked considerable different. Lovely Lise and Tjassi pointed me out to one of the promo pics that -to them- looked as the true color... and they were right!
Regarding the style, it was perfect! There are also no black spots, and every part of the head cap is well covered. The only "difference" is that the short parts at the side of the head doesn't stick to the head as on the promo pic, but that is due the different head shape from Coco compared to the Volks ladies from Pupa*Casa.

Were you satisfied with the product?
TOTALLY!!! The wig is so perfect, and this will be Coco's new default wig! (hubby laughs when I call a wig 'default').

If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve?

Would you order from this company again?
Yes, yes, yes! Both from Pupa*Casa and from Lullaby Poem wigs. I've wanted this wigs for the longest time, and I couldn't decide which one to get. Now I've have even spotted wigs from the two dolls on my wishlist!! There is a wig that will be perfect for Chanel's default wig (Coco's sister... I will get her, someday. I'm saving, though).

Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
Lullaby*Poem wigs, maybe. It will depend on how it was handled, the current state, and so on.

Pics Time!

Ok, it is finally time to share some pics of Coco! Also, it's been a long time since she wore this dress :3

This wig is so soft and long that gives me the childish vibes of wanting to comb it eternally xD Last night I attempted one braid, to braids, and two lower ponytails, and everything was easy to do and looked perfect!

Anyways, have you bought from Pupa*Casa? Do you have Lullaby Poem wigs? I hope to hear your opinions and thoughts about them! If you did a post/review about them, I can link them on this post! :D


  1. Congrats on receiving the wig! :D I'm so happy to hear it was a good experience for you. It really does suit Coco. The color is just stunning. :3

    1. Thank you! And also thank you for the help when picking the color!! :D
      I'm so happy with the wig :D

  2. Thank you for the review! I've heard a bit mixed feedback on Lullaby Poem wigs - some seem to really love them, while others have been disappointed with the quality and there's also been complaints on the waiting times. I only have one older purple wig from them that I got second-hand, so I don't really have personal experience with Lullaby Poem, but I love their color selection and would love to order some wigs from them in the future :)

    Coco looks really pretty with this new wig and seems to be quite happy with it~ ♥

    1. Yes, regarding the waiting time, it appears that once the pre-order closes, the wigs arrive to Pupa*Casa (in this case) in batches. I had "bad luck" if you want to say, because my wig was on the last batch of all... therefore, I had to wait the complete 60 days before shipping.

      I agree that the review would have been more useful with more than one wig, but oh well. Next time, hopefully!

      Glad you liked the review, and thanks for the compliment! Queen Coco is now demanding eyes xD Spoiled girl xD

  3. I've bought Tinyfairy Robin and Shinyfairy Connie (that was from Turbow's personal collection and I was super lucky to get her). Robin was a pre-order and it came in the promised time I think. Turbow's always been super friendly and polite with messages and shipped really fast. ^^ I missed few things in my order but she sent those as soon as they arrived to her. I haven't ordered any Lullaby Poem wigs yet, but they seem to be really nice! Maybe I will after your great rewiev. Thank you so much for this! And Coco is so beautiful, I think the short sides look really good on her and the colour is just perfect.

    1. Ohh, you are really lucky to have obtained Connie, then!
      Thanks for your info about Turbow, I can agree! She was super polite and fast to answer everything with so much patience! Hope you can get LP wigs, then!
      And thank you for the compliment to Coco :D I love those short sides :3

  4. Muy hermosa la peluca. Ya me entraron ganas de encargar una para mi niña. Coco se vè muy natural y el color es perfecto. Te felicito por tu compra.

    1. ¡Mil gracias! Si, tienen unas cosas preciosas, la verdad que me encantó la calidad :D

  5. Coco looks great in this wig, so wonderful and her outfit is so stylish x3

    1. Thank you! I made it last year, and I learned a lot with this one! It was so hard to make the white parts of the neckline, though!

  6. Lovely wig Musume, looks wonderful on Coco. :) I hadn't heard of Lullaby Poem wigs before, so it was good to read your review.

    1. Thank you so much!
      Yes, they are not too famous, and they have a small stock, most ordering is done through pre-orders.
      Glad that my review helped! :D

  7. What a cute wig! I'm actually trying to find the Hime styled haircut in black for my Teenie Gem right now,

    1. Thank you! Lullaby Poem has a very cute dark color called Espresso, and I think this wig model was available at that color. You will have to check!
      Hope you can get the wig you want! :D

  8. Good to hear you had an amazing experience with them, seeing others haven't been so lucky.
    Coco looks amazing with the new wig, it suits her so much it looks like it's her natural hair color, it matches her eyebrows too!

    1. Yes, it matches her eyebrows perfectly!
      I haven't heard of people having bad luck with Lullaby Poem, to be honest, but lots of wig makers are "a lottery", like many people say about Leeke.
      But I'm really happy with my experience with them, though! I hope to be able to order more wigs in the future :3

  9. It's great to find places you enjoy. Such a lovely wig!