Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter Event at Etsy!

Hello everybody! Winter is here and to celebrate the last part of the year, we are doing our (so far) biggest event at Musume & Okasan Etsy! There are not only new items, but also discounted items, a very special boots preorder, a snowy shawl with included free shipping, and three coupons to use:
  • SPEND50GET10OFF -> Use this on orders of $50 or more, to get a 10% off!
  • SPEND75GET15OFF -> Use this on orders of $75 or more, to get a 15% off!
  • SPEND150FREESHIPPING -> If your awesome order reaches $150, you can get free shipping worldwide!
If you want to do a group order with some friends in order to reach the coupons, feel free to do so! But please remember to let only the organizer be the one talking to us, so we can keep things tidy! I made a new video summarizing all the items for the event, which you can see here. Also, there are full sized pics of every item after the cut, each of them linking to the listings.

Hope we will have your interest! :D

And here are the pics! All of this is in-stock, but you can request custom sizes/colors of any of these items! Click the photos to go directly to the listing at Etsy!


The boots can be worn in several ways, completely up or folded down, and can be decorated with the included removable pompoms :3. Pompoms are not pictures here, but you can see them on the Etsy listing.


This items are very special. The following shawl was made flower by flower, and then knitted together. It will fit MSD and SD dolls (you'll need to select the variation for the belt), and it comes with a plus: included free shipping worldwide!

And these are the pre-order boots! Price ranges are all set, and the listing is only a reservation slot: select the size, attach the measures, country, and full payment option on the comments (measures instructions are in the last image of the listing!), and we will contact you. After the full payment is done (either PayPal invoice or Etsy listing), the boots will take around 2 weeks to be made.

Read the Etsy listing images and description to get all the info you need if you want to pre-order :D


The following are items that were already in stock, most of them are mini sized (there is a YoSD coat, too), but they now have been discounted to celebrate winter season! As always, click the image to go to the listing:

This is all the event! If you have any questions feel free to send an Etsy convo and ask all you need/want! In case you are wondering about thread availability and colors, you can check them on the Etsy About Page or here in the blog Thread Chart.

We have good feedback on Etsy, and I also have personal good feedback on DoA.

Finally, thank you for reading all these! :D All the support is very welcome, so feel free to share the event info as much as you want! :D


  1. Me encantaron los chalecos y las botas con botones!! Aprovecho para decirte que el video te ha quedado genial. Y las fotos están muy buenas. Coco luce las prendas porque es muy bella.

    1. ¡Me alegro mucho que te gustaran! :D
      Gracias por el comentario del video, estoy intentando hacerlos lo mejor posible :3

  2. I love the new items!! Christmas colors ftw :D!

    1. Thank you!!! And yes, Christmas colors are great!! :D

  3. All of these items are amazing! *_______* Beautiful work, good luck with the event!

    1. Thank you!! You are very kind :3