Saturday 26 March 2016

Tag: Liebster Award ~ Version 2

Well, the thing is... I was tagged again! Twice! And since I wanted to answer the questions, here is this post! However, I won't be tagging anyone this time, since almost everyone I know has answered a lot of questions from this meme!

Here is the first Liebster Award Tag, and this time I was tagged by Dollgirls from Cafe Amaretto, and Helene from The Little Dollmaster. Thanks for the tag, and I'm so sorry for taking so long on doing this!

Anyways, you already know the rules, and here are my answers!!

Dollgirls' Questions:

1. What is your single biggest inspiration in this hobby? 
Sewing! I love sewing outfits, and I have realized that lately I do a lot of research for them. I read a lot about furisodes and kimonos for the one I made for Coco, and also read a lot about historical sewing for my late Victorian and Regency steampunk project and!
However, other people's doll photos inspire me a lot, since I love photography and want to get better at it!

2. Do you create characters for your dolls first, or buy the dolls and let the characters come to you? Or do you prefer to collect fullsets as they are? 
This... depends. The story is different for each of my dolls.
When I got Coco, I was really newbie and even felt uncomfortable attempting to make a story or character for her. However, I started to see some attitude in the way she photograph, and started building a story. It took me a lot of time, but I think I have a decent idea of her character.
Cookie was different. I had something planned for her, but I couldn't bond with her character as I had planned, and came up with this idea about animal fairies... and I love her now!
When I was notified about incoming Merry, I though she would be a perfect companion for Cookie, and created her mouse-fairy character. She being this innocent only came up after I did the The Hobbit photostory.
I also have two characters planned. One is for the Iplehouse Violet I'm saving for, and the other one is named Chanel and is Coco's sister. I originally wanted a Soom Rosette for her, but Soom's current issues and the fact the line is so forgotten, is putting me off it, and I'm considering either a Minisup or a Souldoll Soulkid with the new small bust. Will see what happens, the Iplehouse comes first.

3. How big is your collection? Planning on more? Downsizing? 
I have three dolls, and have plans for two more 1/4 girls. Maybe someday I will add a tiny centaur I can't resist tinies, too cute... and maybe an Smartdoll, but those two are crazy long-term ideas. After the Iplehouse, I want to upgrade my PC. My gamer side also needs spoiling xD
4. Do you celebrate your dolls' birthdays/arrival date anniversaries? If yes, how? 
Yes! Although I only started last year, I did the same this year: a new dress/special photoshoot for Coco because she doesn't have that many dresses, oh no! And a photostory for Merry and Cookie. I have their ideas planned, though xD
I also already have a plan for Cookie's 2017 anniversary... I think I will write it down to not forget it!

5. How do you feel about traveling (long or short distance) with your dolls? 
Totally no. I don't even dare to take them outside... only twice I took Merry and Cookie to my mom's to photograph them on a huge rosa chinensis she has. The plant is not that big, it is only in comparison to my tinies.

6. What would you consider "off-limits" in terms of sizes, sculpts, skintones, etc. for your collection?
Off limits would be... SD dolls, gore-styled dolls, Volks dolls because I don't like their aesthetic and they are too pricey, ehm... male dolls? Don't know, I felt so weird playing with my friend's Lumedoll boy xD.

7. Do you prefer to buy things premade, or are you more of a DIY person? Have you made things yourself for your dolls?
I have made clothes, shoes, wigs and eyes for them. Although I prefer half and half: wigs, eyes and shoes premade, and DIY clothes. My problem-solving mind finds a lot of fun in making up patterns and de-constructing a clothing into a pattern with only a image as reference! 

8. How do you come up with names for your dolls? 
Hubby usually picks them xD I don't know how he does, he just hears the story/background idea I have and then makes a suggestion, but he always has the "right" name for each doll! I only picked their last names.

9. If you could "meet and greet" any company and their staff at a doll convention, which would it be? 
I would love to meet Withdoll's staff and Dollshe's. The first because I love that brand, and the second because I found their interview really inspiring!

10. How do you like your eyes? Sparkly like Oscars, crisp and bright like Enchanted Doll and Mako Eyes, or sturdy like a good pair of glass eyes? 
Something that fits my weird-eyed dolls? I would love sparkly eyes for Merry and Cookie, and regular urethane's for Coco. I already settled down on brands for each other. I just need to buy them now! :D

11. Out of all the members of your doll family who's your favorite? 
Coco. She is my queen :D

Helena's Questions:

1. Which doll in your collection is the one you spend most time with and why?
I think I try to spend time with all of them. I always feel like I need to give my attention to all of them, and that is also why I try to mix who I play with next. I also "rotate" who is standing near me when on my house, in order to keep up with all of them.
I also believe this is why I feel more comfortable with a small collection. I would be so stressed having many dolls and wanting to sew/photograph all of them, and not having physical time for them!
2. What got you into the hobby? 
Through a Google search. I think I told this already: I was searching something on the google images, and found a picture of a girl with purple hair and purple eyes that got my attention. It turned out to be a BJD on a Spanish girl blog.

3. How much money are you willing to spend on your dream doll?
I think my thing is more of "see what legit doll fits your budget and that you like". I usually drool over dolls, but don't even care about them if they are above my budget.

4. What is your fondest memory in the hobby?
I was shaking when I ordered Coco. I couldn't believe that I finally got a BJD! And when I got the notification that she was in customs, I was so scared but so excited at the same time!!
I also remember fondly that Morla sent me a small "welcome to the hobby" gift when I told her that I had ordered Coco :3

5. Have you experienced anything bad in the hobby?
Yes. From pathetic comments, to insulting confessions on those Tumblr blogs. The one that hurt me the most is one that lead me to make a "clarifying" post here in my blog.

6. Do you have any specific things you go through when choosing name and looks for your dolls?
Laugh, but I actually talk with the hubby a lot! He always has the right names, and an incredible taste for wigs/styles: if he is "not sure" about a wig/clothing, it probably doesn't up looking right! I don't know how he does it! And I have a list of things here, with the most remembered for me are Cookie's brown wig and Merry's eyes.

7. Is there anything you wish you did more in the hobby?
I don't know. I think I have everything under control. But maybe... more improving with my photos :D

8. Do you have any routines when taking pictures?
Yes! First it is: get the photography table, assemble the tripod, dress/get the doll ready, pick the backgrounds/props, assemble the camera.
And for each photo is: fix the doll, fix, fix fix, look through the camera, fix, fix, fix, fix, look through the camera again, fix this small thing, fix the other thing, catch the doll that wanted to fall, stand and fix the doll, look through the camera, shoot, shoot, curse because I shaked the camera, shoot, fix the doll xD, rinse and repeat.
Oh, I think you get how that goes xD

9. Is there any specific doll or person in the hobby you are inspired by?
Oh yes! From incredible seamstress as Martha Boers or Cthulhu (in DoA), some amazing Blythe photographers as Voodoo Lady (check her Flickr, it is incredible).
I have also said it lots of times, but among a long list, I want to say that Sarqq and Sherimi are amazing, Fantasywoods and her soomed hobby xD, Tayma.Leigh and Dollgirls (from Darjeeling Aesthetics). There are a lot of people that inspire me to get better on what I do!

10. Do you have a holy grail doll, if yes which?
I'm not sure, but I've wanted an Iplehouse since a lot time ago!

11. How many dolls have you got since you started in the hobby?
Three. I've never sold any of the dolls I have.

And this is it!! Thanks to Helena and Dollgirls from tagging me, these questions were a lot of fun! Also, thanks for reading all of this wall of text! Hope you are all doing great, have a perfect weekend everyone!


  1. SOOMED!!!!??? Can't argue with that lol Thanks for mentioning me, you inspire me a lot too, especially with your tinies and cute stories.

    Loved reading all the answers! I love when you write about possible msd girls to be part of Coco's story.
    My tiny obsession tells me you need a tiny centaur XD In fact my tiny obsession tells me I NEED a tiny centaur too XD everybody needs tiny centaur *u* and soom tinies, lots of them too X)

    1. But it is true! And after this comment you have no arguments to tell me you are not soomed xD
      Glad you liked my answers, and thank you for considering me an inspiration :D

  2. QUe lindo que imagines las personalidades de cada niña. Espero que logres conseguir a Chanel y te aseguro que jamás había visto trajes tan bonitos como los que le confeccionas a Coco. Me gustó mucho leer todas las respuestas.
    PD: tus fotos son cada vez mejores.

  3. Interesting read! :3 I also agree with you, a small collection is way more manageable. I haven't managed to keep it small, sadly ;_;

    I do hope you get that IH dolly soon! IH is an amazing company with excellent service!

    1. Thank you! Thanks for the good vibes, although I don't think I will get the doll this year.

  4. Another great read! I love your girls, and I think it's fun that you celebrate their birthdays! :) Your sewing is so inspiring! I hope you find a nice Iplehouse doll one day! :D

    1. Thank you! You are too kind <3
      I already have the Iplehouse sculpt in mind, and I'm saving for it.

  5. Oh this was fun to read! ^__^ I find it very cute that your friend got you a little welcome to the hobby gift, that's so sweet! <3

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it was! And now we exchange yearly bday presents :D

  6. This was very interesting to read! :D I love how your husband helps you with finding names, wigs and other stuff for the dolls. xD

    Your description of your photo routine.. so accurate!!! XD

    1. Thank you!! And yes, he helps me a lot <3 He is so cute!

  7. Good read! It is one of the best awards so far, one can change the questions and learn a lot from each other and even about each other!

    1. Thank you! I agree with you, although some memes withg "fixed" questions are fun, too!