Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bday Present Ordered & Happy News

Hello everybody! Hope you are doing great! I have some dolly news and happy things I want to share with you all :D Let's go in order

BDay Present Ordered!

First of all, do you remember the fiasco of a seller never answering me? Well, they never did. Four weeks passed, they were active on other social sites, but ignored my message.

I may have an endless wishlist of things I want, but sometimes I want a ver specific thing more than other things... if that makes sense? In this case, I wanted eyes for Coco. I can't stand her current Eyecos anymore. But my attempt to get them was frustrated. Talking to hubby, he suggested me to go for another thing on my wishlist... which also happened to be eyes!

I have also been looking for ages to replace my Cookie and Merry's eyes, for urethanes, more shiny and that won't gap! I originally considered Oscar Eyes, but those are so hard to get, and have high dome like glass eyes.

Months ago (after a post talking about eyes), Sarqq sent me DM on Instagram and showed me her gorgeous AllThatGlitters Eyes, from Etsy (lets call them ATG). Let's be honest here: the promo photos are quite... lacking, to say so. So I asked permission, and you will be able to see some owner photos of these eyes (click images to go to the original posting), before I can take those myself. Read more under the cut :D

So, I asked Sarqq if she would allow me to post a photo of here here with one of her dolls wearing the eyes, and she said yes! So, here they are:

Nova, owned by Sarqq.
Photo posted with permission.

As you can see, the eyes are so pretty (and Sarqq photos are amazing)!! But I was still worried, because let's be honest, tiny eyes are not always pretty, and Merry and Cookie needed small eyes.

MDR Mouse, owned by GamerGirlLexi.
Photo posted with permission.
So I went ahead and asked GamerGirlLexi on Instagram. She got some 5mm eyes for her stunning MDR Mouse (check the photo at the right side). Those eyes are so small, but yet so shiny!!!

So, after burying her in questions (which she kindly answered back), I finally decided to contact ATG... and this is the good part!

ATG does weird sizes, and you can pick small iris, and pupil sizes. Nevertheless, I was told that she did make some 12mm small irises, so I ask her... and she told me yes! She even agreed to make me a custom -very simple- light gray eyes! So, this are the two pairs I ordered:
  • For Merry: 12mm eyes, 4mm irises, small pupil. Color 07 (from her chart).
  • For Cookie: 10mm eyes, 3mm irises, small pupil. Custom gray color (I gave her a reference image of a color palette).
I'm so excited about this!! The eyes are the same price-range of Makos, and ATG requests 1 month of time to be able to make the eyes. I will be doing a through review of these eyes as soon as I have them (I can't wait to test the 12mm/4mm on Coco, to be honest), but I wanted to share my excitement with you all!!

Also, special thanks to Sarqq and GamerGirlLexi for helping me decide on getting these!

Possible New Doll?

Oh, yes! I have been wanting a new doll for ages, specially an Iplehouse JID Violet (she will be named Venezia). She even was in my wishlist for this year. However, on February I got sick (I'm still recovering from it) and my dolly savings weren't the best.

On May I did a small local sewing commission that increased my savings; I shared progress photos on Instagram, but only uploaded some good ones to DoA to increase my sewing portfolio. But, it wasn't enough for the doll.

However, some weeks ago I got a request for a regency-themed commission (four day dresses with drawers, and an apron!) and it really increased my chances to get the doll. I got fabrics for it and started working. I have been posting some WIPs on Instagram, so here are photos of the first dress.

I have the four drawers done, but need to take a better photo of them. I'm currently making the second dress, but have two more to go (four in total). I have also talked with the commissioner and I will do a voice-over video with owner photo and all, because the dresses are for mini girls, but not for Withdoll (they are for a Dollits body, a RS Rong body, and two JID girls).

So, I was working on this... and I got contacted on DoA for another commission (a kimono-like outfit, this time for Withdoll girl)!! I truly couldn't believe it! I had to ask this person to wait until I could finish the regency commission. Happily, they said yes.

I kept sewing on the regency commission, and last week... guess what? I got contacted for yet another commission, this time for a cocktail dress!! My jaw dropped. I have never had so many sewing commissions piled up, people waiting for me to get to work with them. I'm really excited and happy, but this also means... new doll! Hopefully, Iplehouse will make a good winter or xmas event, and I hope to participate on it!

I was considering maybe ordering from DollBakery new eyes, this time for Coco and the possible incoming Venezia, but the brexit thing made my currency go wild, so I will wait to see what happens. Will see. Anyways, I'm very happy about this turn of things :D

Hope you are doing great! Any happy dolly news, anybody? Have a perfect weekend!


  1. Musume the famous handsewn seamtress!!! :D!! you rock girl~

    I didn't know oscar eyes dome was high, maybe I should go with etsy for my sheep. I was considering the same etsy as you (after all, you showed it to me XD), but I can't imagine what color would look good with my plans. The oscar ones are very different to anything I've ever had, but if they don't sit well inside it defeats the purpose I think.

    So happy to read you are recovering and that you have so many customers waiting for your creations. I am very excited for you!! And ofc I can't wait to see Merry and Cookie with new eyes

    1. Hahaha, thank you!!

      Regarding Oscar eyes, yes, that is what I have read about them. You could always ask MehiArt or SproutyBJD on Etsy (they make eyes with crystals and so on) to see if they would do lower dome versions.

      I can't wait to sew everything! So far I'm having a lot of fun with the Regency commission :D I think Merry and Cookie's eyes will arrive by August.

  2. Congratulations Musume! It sounds like good news all around. I love your Regency gown in progress: such lovely fabric and it's very well done. Also, I'm glad to know about AllThatGlitters Eyes, because I am always looking for better eyes for my Raccoon Doll girls, who wear either a 6mm or an 8mm. Ordinary acrylic or glass eyes don't show up in photos, or else they all look the same color.

    So many commissions, and all of them coming at the right time for you to save up for JID Violet. She is so pretty--a mini version of Iple's SID Stella. If I ever get back into JID girls, that is one of the sculpts I want.

    Have a happy summer of sewing!

    1. Thank you, you are really kind!

      For your Raccoon girls, maybe this video can give you another idea? This person shows Glib eyes on her Raccoon dolls!

      You should go back to JID girls, I would love to see you sewing for them! Anyways, I'm really happy about this, I hope everything turns out OK!

  3. It'll be wonderful with great eyes for Cookie and Coco :3 I'm sure it'll look so good in your photos!
    All those sewing commissions! Wow! I feel so happy for you! :D I look forward to Venezia <33 She'll be so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! But for now I only have incoming eyes for Cookie and Merry. Will see if I get DB for Coco and possible Venezia later!

    2. So sorry, I just woke up XD I mixed it up! But still, it'll be awesome wiht new eyes!

  4. So many wonderful doll news <3 I'm happy to hear that things are going well for you, hopefully the eyes will be perfect for your girls and I also hope you'll be able to order Venezia soon~

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to have my tinies new eyes!!

      And regarding Venezia, I still can't believe it! I do hope to get her during the Xmas event, if they do the Doll Choice at basic price event!

  5. Hi Musume,
    Congrats on the commissions, I'm pleased you found the right eyes for your dolls and that you are feeling better.
    Look forward to seeing all those dresses completed! :)

    1. Thank you!! I am, too!! Really happy <3
      I hope to share photos soon!

  6. Your sewing is so lovely! I know how frustrating eyes can be, but it sounds like wonderful and exciting things! :D

    1. Thank you, you are too kind!!
      Eyes are frustrating, indeed!

  7. Business is picking up! That's so great! I hope one day I can commission you for a Pullip-sized outfit (Obitsu 27) ~

    Congrats on all the good news and hope you get these lovely eyes soon and possibly a new girl too! :O

    1. Thank you so much!
      If it is crochet, yes, whenever you want! If it is sewn... for now I prefer to stay on the mini size :)