Saturday, October 15, 2016

20 Questions Tag

Hello everybody! Hope you are doing great :D I know I have a pile of memes I was tagged to do, but I'm tackling them one by one. Work has been hectic and I have had such little free time. Anyways, although Fantasywoods did not officially tag me, she later tweeted me that I was tagged, so here are the questions!

1.How long have you been collecting?
Coco is my first doll, and she arrived on 2013, so for me, I'm a 3 years old newbie on the hobby!

2.What do you collect?
For now, only BJDs. I love gaming and playing video games, so you could say I collect them as well, but since I buy everything through either EA:Origins or Steam, I do not have physical copies.

3.How many dolls do you have?
I have only three (Coco, Cookie and Merry). Calina is my mom's so she doesn't count. I also have the kitty I made and the one I was gifted by a friend. Regarding Barbie things, I do have a horse I repainted and that I really like, and also the vintage red-headed mermaid doll, the one with really long hair? When I was a child I loved her because she wasn't blonde xD Also I have a thing with brushing long haired dolls, so after Coco... sometimes I grab the mermaid and brush her hair too!

4.Which of your collections are you the most proud of? Why?
Well, although I love my BJDs, I tend to think I'm wasting their potential. I do not have a cute outdoor backyard to take nice photos, and always end up with forced backdrops... also I suck at styling dolls, so I end up wishing and admiring people from afar =S

5.Which single doll cost you the most money? (Relatively and literally)
For now, Coco. But I think the Iplehouse is going to push that record for herself. I'm just waiting to the Xmas event to order her, actually xD

6.Which doll line is your favorite to collect and why?
It is complicated. Tinies are too easy to dress, to get props for, and their photo-stories are easier to do. But due to #4, I've been craving doing more things with Coco than simply dress her up.

7.What made you want to collect dolls?
This is an interesting question. Before finding BJDs I would be occasionally haunted by a feeling I would describe as "I want to do something new but I don't know what". I have always been interested in photography, although I never had the tools to be part of it, and now I simply suck at it. And crafting things is something that makes me happy! When I found out BJDs I thought that it all connected, if that makes any sense? All my interests on one place, and that weird feeling of wanted to do something is now moved towards the dolls, photos, sewing or blogging.

8.Which is your most wanted doll right now?
Iplehouse Violet in light brown skin. I can't wait for the xmas event to arrive!

Iplehouse Violet, photo belongs to Iplehouse.

9.Which of your previously most wanted dolls do you have now?
Although when I started I simply wanted "a BJD", I've never had a grail, so... none?

10.What is the most dolls you have gotten at once?
Er... 1 per year? This year I did not got anyone new xD

11.Which is your least favorite doll?
I love all of mine! And regarding generic sculpts, I'm not gonna mention them since I do not want to wound other people's sensibilities xD

12.Which of your dolls has the best story (in your life and in theirs?) I think Merry is the most fun, she is simply too innocent for her own good!

13.What do you do with your dolls? Sewing, taking photos and making silly photostories. Hopefully, I will start sharing some short story chapters once I get Venezia :D

14.Are there any other collections that you want to start?
I really like repainted Monster Highs, but they are so overpriced locally (on toy stores, I've seen some basic MH at USD100). I love custom Blythes too, but I think I'm more attracted to their outfits and the gorgeous photos each lythe collector I follow takes, and I want that too... but as before, I do not have a pretty backyard or location where to take such photos.

15.Which of your dolls would you most like to be? Why?
Never thought of this... maybe Merry, to live without worries, or Coco, because she slays!

16.Do people know that you collect dolls/toys?
Only my hubby, of course, my parents, my grandma... and my mother in law saw them once. She did not say anything, she has asked me about my tiny sewing but nothing more. It is not something I'd like sharing with general public. I believe on dividing information, just like Mavel SHIELD agents xD

17.Does your family support your collection?
They do, and I'm so happy about it! Never mind my mom's store and all the dolly gifts my hubby has bought me.

18.What was your first doll/toy collection that you can remember? Do you still have them?
I remember I had some very old tiny cars (like 7~9cm long) cars that belonged to my dad. I loved playing with them. I will grab dominoes, make a parking lot, and then attempt to remove the cars from the lot with "real" movements, like moving forward, turning the steer, moving backwards and so on. The cars were all real models, so I still have the Corvette, a Mustang, a VW and some others :D

19.Which doll started each of your collections?
Coco started my minis, and Cookie my tinies. Cookie was my only "impulse" buy so far, and I love her to pieces!

20.What is your favorite place to shop for dolls? Well, it is complicated. Coolcat has some amazing utilities, while FMD is my choice for tiny 5-6" wigs. I'm a Withdoll fangirl, too. But I haven't bought that many things either because our import restrictions (that now turned to a guesstimated 3 months delay on customs *facepalms*).

Okay, this was all!! I don't know who to tag, honestly, I lost track of who made this tag and who didn't, so if you want to do it, go ahead and do so! :D

Remember my delayed packages? Well, I took the numbers to the customs office when I went to ship a package for our Etsy... it happens that people is buying so much now (no wonder, since things are really cheap even paying a 50% custom fee than buying it locally), that customs has a 3 month delay!!! So I will just grab a chair, sit and wait, hoping the packages don't get lost or destroyed =S

Anyways, I still need to make the Halloween magazine meme, so I need to take some pretty photos. For now, I'll keep sewing the N7 doll cosplay :D Also, the Discord people and my hubby are enablers, so I may sail on a journey to make a tree house for Merry and Cookie... would you like progress photos if I do it? Have a great week!


  1. Yes for progress photos, DAMN for 3 month customs delay, what the actual F? I thought the 1 month it took them here was enough to piss anyone off. Hope your things get released soon :(!!!

    Don't say you suck at photography because you don't! And you have improved so much too~~ using backdrops instead of going out can still give you some good results!and you have proven that! I mostly use background colors for my photos and sometimes they aren't too horrible either :)

    Christmas events are so close now!!can't wait for your girl :D!!!! I'm hoping no event would be tempting enough to spend money this year for me, but I'm super excited to be waiting for your doll to come haha :D

    1. It appears that after they removed the import restrictions, everyone is buying internationally and the current "way" of customs is not enough xD

      I do suck at photography, your photos are a lot better than mine! I'm really excited about the xmas event, I just hope the doll won't be stuck 3 months at customs!

  2. Another enjoyable 20 Questions! I am totally a revolving door for dolls, so I wouldn't have answers for half of these, LOL. Would love to see progress photos of the tinies' tree house--I love progress photos of any and all your projects. If your Customs has a 3 month delay, there is something seriously wrong with how they do their job. Just saying.

    1. Thank you, you are too kind! I'm still thinking about the house, what to do!?
      And yes, 3 months delay. I'm nearing 2 months of waiting, so I hope my packages get released soon.

  3. Wow, I thought that you had been longer in the hobby! Amazing to learn more through these tags, especially how one ended up in this hobby. And I do not think that you suck at styling dolls - you are amazing! You just continue to do your thing, in your way, and be happy!
    And those already repainted Monster Highs can really be expensive - but don’t these dolls just look amazing! I bought one company doll on sale and had her as a doll to practice on, when it comes to repaints. It is relaxing, what ever the outcome, to paint these little plastic faces. Can be a way to start a collection, maybe?
    Thanks for a good read! I enjoyed it and would love to see a post with progress photos on the tree house!
    Enjoy your new week!

    1. Thank you so much, you are very kind!
      And no, those USD100 are stock, default, very basic MH (and also almost always out of stock) stock MH... not repainted ones. I can't even think of finding a legit repainted MH locally. Prices in my country are ridiculous, so I get people being confused xD
      I want to learn to do faceups, but it won't be soon, though.
      Enjoy your week and thanks for reading!

  4. Yay for this tag, I really enjoy reading these and it's nice to see how you started all of your collections!
    Oh my god, 3 months? That sounds like a real rip off, I've grown to detest customs because they just seem to want to get more and more money out of us, like leeches! I hope they can improve their service soon!

    1. Thanks! And yes, that is what customs told me, sadly =S And it works so ad that I have no chance of making a claim or something similar T_T