Wednesday, February 8, 2017

DollsVogue Boots ~ Review & Feedback

Hello! Well, what can I say... another package arrived, finally! This is actually a Bday present. My mom ordered for me on 2016. It arrived to my country by the end of August 2016... and there it got stuck for 5 months! I didn't had any news of the package until my mom got a notice to pay customs by the end of January. Then we had to wait like two more weeks for customs and the postal service to release the package and deliver it... but of course, the postman did not knocked on the door, and left a "we missed you" note *facepalms*.

Anyways, I've been daydreaming with these boots for such a long time, and my mom indulged me with them as bday presents! The black ones are specially awesome to me. So, I will share a few thoughts, and share feedback on the store under the cut.

We bought these gorgeous boots in MSD size from DollsVogue on Etsy. They have tons of amazing shoes, in both BJD size and also Blythe size... and I might need some of them for my tinies, some day xD. Here is the feedback, following the format used in DoA. I hope it is useful and informative!

Feedback for DollsVogue

What did you order?
I order two pairs of boots:

When did you order?
Ordered in July 27th, of 2016.

How was the communication?
I didn't talked with the shop owner, as it was not necessary. I did sent her a message one month after the package got stuck, and she replied promptly with good wishes and understanding.

How easy was it to pay?
Easy. I paid with Paypal through the Etsy system.

How long did it take to ship?
The owner shipped on July 29th, two days after I paid the order. However, the package arrived on August 22th to my country, and got stuck there for five months, until I got the notice to pay customs, on January. After that, as I mentioned earlier, two more weeks to be delivered, and the postman left a "we missed you note".
Of course, this is not DollsVogue's problem, but I needed to rant and let people know what happened with my postal service.

Was the quality appropriate for the price, in your opinion?
Totally!! These boots are so perfect, really well done, and very resistant.

Did the item look like the sales pictures?
Yes, they did! The only difference is that the short boots have ridiculously long shoe-laces, but nothing that a well placed scissor cannot fix.

Were you satisfied with the product?
I am! My only complain is that the black boots have an inner black lining. I'm not sure, as I only tried them on the doll, but they may stain. The lining should be white, to avoid any issues. Sadly this cannot be easy fixed =S

If you weren't satisfied, how did the company solve?

Would you order from this company again?
Yes! Although I feel a little ashamed about my issue with incoming packages and my customs. I wasn't able to leave feedback for them on Etsy because the package took so long.

Would you buy this company's products second-hand?
I don't think so, as I prefer to buy directly from the company.

Okay, and this is it!! Hope you find the review useful! This store has such gorgeous items, to be honest! Now, only one package remains trapped in customs, and is heading to a ridiculous 6months of being stuck. Anyways, hope you are doing great!


  1. They're lovely! Do they fit slim msd, or are they better for larger msds?

    1. They fit my Iplehouse JID fine, but she had to wear the high heel feet due to her angle.
      My Withdoll girl (who has same width/length and arch on the high heel than Minifees) can wear them nicely, but they are a little loose. However, this are boots, so it is not that notorious as with regular shoes. These are a little wider for her, though.

  2. :as botas negras son hermosísimas. Creo que la mayoría de las tiendas que vende botas de colores no les pone forro blanco dentro, recuerdo haber tenido algunas café que por dentro eran café también.
    Ya va saliendo todo de aduana, que alivio.

    1. Sí, es una lástima. La verdad que no sé porqué no las forran en blanco, la verdad =S
      De la aduana aún me falta un paquete... es un problema, porque lo pagué y aún no lo liberan, y si no lo hacen para la semana que viene, lo van a devolver T_T

  3. Oh, they're really gorgeous! Good thing they ended up arriving :) I really love the black boots.
    Were they intended for Coco or Venezia? Or maybe both?

    1. Thank you!! They were for Coco, but I think Venezia may claim them for her! Hahah, but they will probably share, at least the black ones.

  4. Ballisimas las botas negras y los zapatos blancos son mi sueño para mi niña. Preciosos, lástima que la aduana tarde tanto. Vi los zapatos para tinies y son preciosos, esta fábrica tiene una elaboración muy buena. Te felicito por recibir (al fin XD) tu regalo de cumple

    1. ¡Gracias! Sí, es de terror la aduana, pero bueno.
      Me alegro que te gusten los zapatos, a mi me fascinan :D

  5. Glad that the shoes finally found their way home to you! And such pretty ones too! I mostly love the light colored ones.

    1. Thank you!! The white ones are really pretty :D