Monday, 22 May 2017

Coco Seong ~ Character Info

Hello there! I know, Coco had the 10 facts done like... 3 times, if I remember correctly, but with fixing the story and wanting to fix the profiles, I said: why not make her a good Character Info page just like I did with Venezia? Also, it helps me organize my ideas while writing the stories.

Anyways, I do hope this is the definitive profile info for her, although I cannot guarantee that I won't end up hating the photos or anything else from here to some years/months xD

Coco's Facts

  • Name: Coco Seong
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 1.75m, but she almost always wears high heels.
  • Eye color: light blue.
  • Hair color: light brown, light and incredible straight. When preparing for photoshoots, stylist would usually tell her that no hairpin remains on her hair, because it is so straight and does not have frizz. Coco cares about it a lot.
  • Physical appearance: She is slim, but curvy and well endowed. Her skin is pale, and her facial features denote her mixed raced. However, her nose is long, and Coco always had mixed feelings about it.
  • Physical health: healthy. She workouts, as other models, but considers it routine.
  • Sexuality: Bisexual. She is not in the closet, but does not talk publicly about it either. Coco has thought about her sexuality a lot, and concluded that although she likes men, she prefers women more... but she is still bisexual.
  • Gender: Cisgender.
  • Race/Ethnicity: biracial. Her mother is French and her father is from South Korea. She looks much more mixed than her sister, which was a toll on her during her childhood.
  • Birth Place: Paris, France.

  • Political views: she does not care at all about politicians, and although she reads news-websites and online newspapers Coco gets easily overwhelmed by bad news, and then goes on a "it didn't happen if I don't know" period.
  • Religion/philosophy of life: atheist.

  • Formal education: She graduated from a Bachelor on Fashion Marketing, from the International Fashion Academy, in France. Originally, her idea was to then continue with a graduate and a postgraduate degree, but she started working as a model while studying. She became known very fast, and as contracts appeared, she decided to take one more year to graduate. After that, she didn't continue with a graduate degree, and shifted from marketing to being a full-time model.
  • Languages known: She learned to speak both French and Korean since she was a child. She is also fluent in English.
  • Work experience/occupation: She is currently one of the three main models of MOMO, which are labeled as Dolls. She has also walked for famous brands, as Chanel, Versace and Victoria's Secret, among others, and also has contracts with makeup and perfume brands.

  • Love situation: single, and she is not looking for a relationship.
  • Previous relationships: she has had one night-stands and friends with benefits, but nothing serious, as she is always prioritizing her job. She also hates the idea of family and children.
  • Friends: Venezia is her best friend, and before her, Coco was very lonely.
  • Family: Coco's mother, Simone Durand, is a successful businesswoman who has worked for over twenty years as a fashion magazine manager. When she was starting on that position, when she met Seong Do-yun, a CEO from an IT corporation from South Korea, during a black-tie event. They started dating, and married two years later. As Simone is  a fan from Coco Chanel, she named her daughters after her. Coco also has a younger sister named Chanel. Coco stopped talking with her mother when she told her she wouldn't be continuing with her graduate degree, and she lives alone on an apartment he father gifted her when she graduated. She is in good terms with him, but hasn't seen him in a long time. She misses Chanel, but thinks that her sibling may also be mad at her, so even if she bought Christmas or birthday presents for her, she never sent them.

  • Has she been bullied/mocked?: when she was a child, other children would tell her that she wasn't white enough, or that she was faking being biracial. During highschool, people would usually comment that her blue eyes were contact lenses or that she dyed her hair. Also, her paternal grandparents are not kind to either Coco or her sister..
  • Worst childhood moment: Jung Hee was Coco's childhood friend. He enlisted himself on the navy, but was listed as MIA after his ship went missing during an op. She suffered his death greatly, and cried for weeks. Years passed by, but she still remembers him each year during on his birthday.

  • Speaking style: her English does have a little accent, but she stopped caring about it a long time ago.
  • Insecurities: her appearance was too important for her, due to all the negative comments she got when growing up. However, after started working as a model, her self esteem grew and now she simply doesn't care.
  • Negative traits: she prefers being alone rather than sharing something with someone and being betrayed or her feelings used against her. She tends to distrust people by default, and always hopes for the worst first.
  • Positive traits: She is very intelligent and learns fast.
  • Other people’s opinions of her: people usually label her as the resting-bitch-face bith, and believe Coco is hard to approach, or that her fame has gone up to her head. Truth is, Coco is tired of stalkers and annoying men, so she keeps her façade on in hopes people would not come to annoy her. People usually think she is easily offended, when that is not actually true.
  • Temperament: Coco is quiet and reserved, but her alarms go off near children. She dislike them to a maximum level.

  • Hobbies: she plays tenor saxo, and deeply enjoys it. She would sometimes purchase scores, or even hear songs and write the scores herself.
  • Favorite clothing style/outfit: she loves high fashion, tight skirts and tight dresses. She considers jeans her "comfy house clothing", and prefers other fabrics for going out. She always wears her cat-eyeliner with a detail of red.
  • Quirks/eccentricities: she loves cutesy planners but is utterly ashamed to admit it, so she buys anything related online, and ships it to a postal box she has under a nickname.
  • Favorite type of music: music is one of her favorite things, but she prefers soft music and k-pop.
  • Favorite books: she hate romance books, although she is keen to having a little romance mixed and well-written into other genres. Her all-time favorite book is Hamlet.
  • Favorite sports/sports teams: she's never been into sports, but enjoys watching basketball.

Wow, this was long! I think I covered mostly everything, and really enjoyed writing it, honestly. I have thought Coco's character so much, and I do hope to share more of her personality on the short stories. Anyways, hope you enjoyed! I think I will do another template for the tinies... as they are fairies, things like sexuality or political views would be too out of place. But I need their new eyes to arrive before I do that!

Anyways, I got the outfit inspiration from this post in Pinterest, although I changed the skirt shape, because the velvet was too thick to do that overlay. I must do that mini, though, with another fabric. Hope you are having a great day! Any dolly news?


  1. Thank you for sharing Coco's character info, it was interesting to read and learn more about her! She feels balanced and that she is standing with her two feet on the ground - she knows what she wants! :)

    1. Awww, thank you!! I'm so happy you like her :D

  2. That was interesting Musume, I admire you writing so much detail about her characteristics. Do you base your dolls characters on real people? Or perhaps people you would like to meet? I only give my dolls a simple character outline, I don't think I could do it as well as you.

    I shall look forward to reading about your tinies. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I guess something are from people I met before, other are possible reflections of myself... but I try to make them as real as possible. I think you should do it how you like it, though, in a way that 'fills' you. They are your dolls and your story, after all.

      I can't wait to share more about the tinies, but I want to have their urethane eyes before doing a profile T_T

  3. me gustó la descripción del carácter de Coco. Es segura de sí misma y tiene sus posiciones bien establecidas. Admiro ese tipo de carácter
    Adoraría leer sobre las haditas. Creo que van a ser historias muy divertidas. Saludos.

    1. Me alegro que te guste :D Espero compartir pronto sobre Cookie y Merry!

  4. This is so elaborate! Does it help or confuse matters when writing stories to have such detailed character profiles?

    1. Thanks, happy you like it!! I think it helps, because I have a clear guide of what is in character and what not, and what she would believe/do in some situations.

  5. I really enjoyed reading about her, thank you for sharing! I love every bit of details about her. :3

    1. Awww thank you!!! You are too kind!!

  6. Such a detailed story line! You're so imaginative! <3

  7. It was a joy to read Coco's details. ^__^ She's beautiful!

    Hehee, I share her hair xD my bf's mother says I have "glass hair" which means it is straight, curls don't stay in it even if I've tried and if you cut it it will be like walking on pins if you don't remove it from the floor quickly.

    1. Thank you!! Happy you enjoyed reading!
      Ohh, I find straight hair so pretty, but I think that may be problematic too xD

  8. I think you have made a very realistic and complex character in Coco. She has believable flaws and strengths, and she is still very likable.
    I really love the fact that she prefers women, but insists on being bisexual, because it's very much how I feel. <3 That made me very happy to read.
    If I should give an advice in regards to the character and story it would be to include some conflinct that challenges her weaknesses and she has to look a bit deeper to find a solution. I like that kind of writing a lot. You can disregard the advice, if you don't find it relevant or necessary.
    Keep up the good work, you're a great writer and character developer! :D

    1. Ohh, I'm so happy you like her!! She will have some of those conflicts, but I sort of need a new doll to include those conflicts xD I really love your advice, and if you want to talk about writing, let me know!

      You are way too kind, thank you :3