Monday 11 December 2017

Balance for 2017!

Well, it is that time of the year, and it means that it is time to make a recap about what goals I settled for this year, and what I have achieved. I was a little scared of doing this, as I thought that I hadn't achieved most of my goals... but I was wrong!! So let's make this, shall we?

You can see the original goals post here. I will just summarize them here.

Goals Balance

1. Share more about my dolls' story
I did this!! I think I shared many lore and photostories for Cookie and Merry, and also many chapters of Coco and Venezia, even though I barely have props for them, though! (Talking about the minis, the tinies are overwhelming me with props!).

2. Minor fixes on the blog
Done! Some of them where on a waitist until October (like the menu), but it is now working nicely!! I also had to update some stuff related to the header, so I hope everything works better now.

3. Make videos, references and reviews
I did so many of them!! I definitely recorded more videos than I originally thought of making, honestly. I even purchased a slighty-better mic for them. Granted, it is still crap as a good mic was out of my budget, but oh well. Here are some links:

4. Finish the Diorama
I not only finished the Tree Stump Diorama, but also made a small project for Halloween! And also prepared some Xmas props that you'll see soon enough :D

5. Take more photos of my dolls
I'm quite satisfied with this! After getting my new lens, I've been practicing and taking random photos of my dolls and sharing them on Instagram. So far, so good! Have an example that I think I did not share in the blog.

My mom with her doll, Calina.

6. Reopening Sewing Commissions
Nope. I had a really hard year, doing tons of extra hours and being swarmed with work. Sadly, I was not able to do commissions, which really limited my dolly budget.

7. Etsy goals!
We did not sold as many stock items as we would have liked, but we did had commission queues the whole year!! We could not believe that!! We are so happy and grateful about this, honestly. In the meantime, have some shameless self-promotion and check what we have in store ready to ship.

8. Purchase goals.
Mostly nope, due to the lack of funds. I had to sell the urethanes I got for Cookie and Merry, as I ordered the wrong size. They sold really fast, and I immediately commissioned an artist... that was in April, and the commission should ship in any moment, hopefully. This purchase did include Kitty Cookie eyes, so I hope to have them soom.

9. Sewing for Calina
I did this!!! I did several of the dresses I had in mind for her, so I can happily call this as an achievement! :D

10. Knitting Adventures
Regardless of several cute and easy crochet scarves, I also made a vest for Calina, an outfit for Kitty Cookie, and my best achievements were a cardigan for Venezia and a poncho for Coco. I did rant a lot about those two (proof is here) as it took me far more time that I have wanted xD

And those were my yearly balance!! I hope you all achieved your yearly goals, and wish you the best for the upcoming year! I'm planning on sharing my new goals for next year as January's first post. Best wishes, everyone!


  1. You had an ambitious list and managed to accomplish most of it, so congratulations are in order! (I would be afraid of making a list of goals for fear that I would not get through even half of it.) I hope you have an equally productive 2018. Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you!! I think you should go for it, I'm sure you will accomplish everything!!
      I can't wait what you will do on 2018 :D
      Happy holidays for you too! :D

  2. Yes, you did well! You should be proud! And I agree with BallJointedWoman - congratulations are in order. Wish you a great new week!

    1. Thank you so much!! Have a great week you too!! :D

  3. Congratulations Musume! You did a great job of accomplishing all you set out to do. I didn't set any goals this year and I doubt if I will next year either, I like working without any pressure and get a lot more done that way.

    1. Thank you so much, you are too kind!!
      I agree, not having goals reduces pressure of getting things done!

  4. ¡Excelente!! Has hecho un gran trabajo, cumpliste tus objetivos ampliamente. Te felicito. Las fotos te salen estupendas con tu nueva lente. Que tengas una Gran semana

    1. ¡Gracias! El nuevo lente es buenĂ­simo, la verdad es que saca fotos solo xD

  5. You did really well with your goals - congrats on achieving so much!
    I have enjoyed reading your fairy lores throughout the year. :D

    1. Thank you so much, you are really kind!!
      I'm so happy you have enjoyed the lores, I have been having so much fun writing those!

  6. Great work! You must feel so accomplished! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next year <3

    1. Thank you so much!! I have a lot of plans for next year, so I hope to achieve them!!
      Wish me luck :D