Monday 26 February 2018

Merry Brie ~ Character Info

Now that my tinies have their urethane eyes, it is time for me to create an updated profile for them!! I decided to go with Merry first, because she is adorable, and because this helps me to keep everything organized when writing stories.

So, this is not the same questionnaire that I used for Coco and Venezia, as I tweaked it by removing this that wouldn't apply to my fairies world, and adding more fantasy stuff. If you want the template, just let me know.

Merry's Facts

  • Name: Merry Brie 
  • Birth Place: Animal fairies bloom from flower saplings. There is a ceremony and Elder fairies are there to receive newcomers. Merry was born from a light-blue bellflower. 
  • Name Origin: Fairies are named by the other fairies present at the first moment, based on the impressions they get from the newcomer. And she was happy, smiley and innocent, so the Elder decided her name would reflect her merry temperament. 
  • Age: Fairies don’t keep track of how many years each fairy has, but do remember the arrival day. Merry is still considered a young fairy.
  • Race: Animal fairy, mouse. Her animal self is a white mouse, but she is not able to have a full animal form. 
  • Birthmarks: Her ears have small perennial bellflowers.
  • Pronouns: When using human languages, Merry prefers her/she pronouns.
  • Occupation: As a mouse fairy, her job is to travel to the human world to collect the teeth human children leave after they fall, and exchange them for coins. Humans usually think of this fairy profession as “Tooth Fairies”.

  • Personality: Merry is too innocent, and she thinks everyone is honest and straightforward. Thus, she usually doesn’t understand sarcasm, and she also is not fond of human history. She is pure, wholeheartedly good and kind.
  • Negative traits: Merry doesn’t understand human novels or fiction, and sometimes can freak out without grasping that something is fiction and not reality. Also, she is so innocent and good that some fairies or other magical beings deceive her easily. 
  • Positive traits: She is purely good and will always try her best at her job as a fairy and as a friend. She tries to give back to the fairy community, and when she doesn’t understand something about human customs, she tries to research it, even if that is hard for herself.
  • Special traits: As most fairies, she cannot use magic. Also, she hasn’t learned how to transform herself into her animal form.
  • Magical traits: She has a special bag that she got enchanted after going on a quest for the required stuff. The bag is small but allows her to carry almost infinite teeth and get coins out of it that are the exact currency of each human location.
  • Other’s opinion: Other fairies consider her as immature, too innocent and that she rushes too much to do her job. However, Merry is good at it and have never made a mistake regarding teeth and coins.
  • Temperament: She is peaceful and quiet. When she is too focused on something, she ignores the rest of the world and is very careless. She can’t handle fear or scares, and she freaks out easily.

  • Favorite clothing: Due to her job, she prefers pants and one-piece outfits that allow her to climb to human children’s beds and nightstands easily.
  • Favorite food: Cheese, in all of its varieties. Without doubt. Candies have the second place, but there is no comparison with cheese, not at all.
  • Hobby: She collects rare and old human coins, and she loves to keep them shiny and clean. She has a shelf full of coins and cares for them weekly.
  • Fears: Adult humans, Dog Faries, something happening to her coins. Sauron.
  • Habits: She cleans her coins once a week, and touches her dream-catcher all nights before sleeping. She never gets out without her magic bag, and she is always accompanied by a magical spirit mouse that follows her everywhere.

And this was all for today!! I had hubby helping me pick the colors of her outfit, otherwise, I would have messed up, honestly... I really wanted this outfit to go well with that particular background xD I hope you have enjoyed this reading!! I will be updating the page with info on my dolls, and soon will have Cookie's questionnaire up, as well as a new story about Coco and Venezia.

Do you do questionnaires or 10-facts for your dolls' characters? Have an awesome weekend, everyone!!


  1. Merry is such a sweetie! I really do adore her and her personality. And those ears! :D Your hubby did well in helping you with picking the colors for her outfit, goes well with the background!
    I should do this for my dolls and really make them their own characters. Esther has one and so does Zipporah too. But I need to dust a bit there and see what happens.
    Have a wonderful new week!

    1. She is!! I always find the most funny things to do with her, she is my preferred "victim"! xD I hope you can do it, I'd love to read it! :D

  2. It's nice to see that Merry Brie has a personality that matches her sweet expression. I really love her new eyes. Aren't Withdoll tinies simply the cutest dolls ever? I've recently ordered my third--little Simba, the lion. I don't do questionnaires or fact lists for my dolls. I'm afraid I have too many dolls to try this!

    1. Thank you!! I love her new eyes as well, and I agree: Withdoll tinis are the cutest!!

  3. Hi Musume and hello Merry Brie.
    Merry is such a sweetie pie and I love seeing her on your blog. She has such a soft personality and wonderful habits . . . I can just see her polishing her coins. :)

    I have some facts with my BJD's, but have never quite got round to doing the play dolls . . . maybe one day.

    1. Happy you like Merry! I did a story of her polishing coins, I just couldn't resist!
      I hope you dare to make the facts about your dolls as well! :D

  4. Me gustan todas tus muñecas, Pero Merry con su carita tierna y su inocencia me tiene atrapada XD
    Muy bueno el post, me encanta conocer todo sobre cada personalidad de tus mimadas

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! A mi también me encanta su caracter. Me alegro mucho que gusten los perfiles, porque el de Cookie vendrá pronto! :D

  5. You've been so busy that I wasn't able to keep up commenting. I'd let this cutie pull my teeth-rather than the dentist who is responsible for last weeks pain and swelling. And your little dragon is a great paint job! I hope you feel more confident now after doing such great work on the tiny monsters. Keep them coming :D

    1. Don't worry at all! I'm so sorry to read about the dentist, honestly D:
      I'm happy you liked my dragons, also!! :D