Monday 16 April 2018

Cookie Miu ~ Character Info

As promised before, it is time for Cookie's character info! I'm using the same questionnaire I created for Merry, so if you want it to use it for your own chars, feel free to ask so I can send you the template. This time, both Cookies (fairy and kitten) are on the same sheet, as they are both the same character but on different forms.

As you can guess, I once again requested my hubby's help to pick the outfit's colors, as I wanted them to match the background, once again. I can't help it, I love glitter stuff, blurry backgrounds and bokeh on my photos.

Cookie's Facts

  • Name: Cookie Miu
  • Birth Place: Animal fairies bloom from flower saplings. There is a ceremony and Elder fairies are there to receive newcomers. Cookie was born from a orange rose.
  • Name Origin: When she bloomed from the sapling, the Elder fairy though that Cookie’s skin reminded her of some chocolate she once saw at a human’s house, and named her after that. 
  • Age: Fairies don’t keep track of how many years each fairy has, but do remember the arrival day. Cookie is considered a young-adult fairy.
  • Race: Animal fairy, cat. Her animal self is a black cat, and she learned how to turn into her animal form.
  • Birthmarks: Her ears, in both fairy and animal form, have small perennial roses. Pronouns: When using human languages, Cookie prefers her/she pronouns. 
  • Occupation: As a cat fairy, Cookie’s job is to guard, activate and ensure safe passage of the fairies through the portals required to move to the human world, and other magical words. Cats are exceptionally good at this job, because they never decide if they also want to go through the portals, making them good guardians.
  • Personality: Cookie is realistic and is knowledgeable about the human world. She likes to be informed. She does her job well, and always guards the portals, though sometimes she starts playing with them due to their irresistible ball shape.
  • Negative traits: As a cat, she is usually distracted by anything that she may see as a toy, and immediately goes to fight it, chase it and play with it. Then, if the thing “defeats” she gets sad and spends a lot of time wondering what happened.
  • Positive traits: She is also very kind and tries to keep everyone going through her portals safe. She cares a lot for her friends fairies, and is always helping others. 
  • Special traits: As most fairies, she cannot use magic. However, she learned how to turn herself into her animal form, and now she loves to rest and play as a kitty. 
  • Magical traits: She learned the ability of opening and closing portals, as well as restoring damaged portals. 
  • Other’s opinion: Other fairies consider her mature and a good example to other kitten fairies. Dragons and other mythical are also kind with her, even through some of them are weary of her cat instincts. 
  • Temperament: She is a good kitty, but also tricky, and when she gets fed up of someone or something she tends to get mischievous. She gets distracted only when something tempts her kitten side, but it is also very emotional stable… until she gets scared for no apparent reason and jumps away from her previous location. 

  • Favorite clothing: She loves dresses and bloomers, especially if they are made from natural and comfortable fabrics. 
  • Favorite food: Cookie loves cookies, sweets and milk. She also loves some human dishes that are mostly based on fish. 
  • Hobby: She has several fruitful and not stressing activities she loves, such as chasing the red dot, untying a yarn ball, chasing a fake mouse, climbing her cat tree… 
  • Fears: Where did that dot went?? Where does it disappear to? 
  • Habits: She usually sleeps on her animal form, and she double checks all the portals twice. She has a notebook where she keeps a record of all the travels she has authorized, and she is always accompanied by her kitty friend.

Okay, this was all for today! I had the idea for that pose of both of them together since I bought Kitty Cookie!! I know this is technically impossible, since they are the same being, so Cookie cannot be in both forms at the same time... if that makes any sense, but who cares! I liked the idea of that photo! And I'm really happy with how they turned out :D I might need more of these backgrounds, though they are very small (A4 size, actually, and they are autoadhesive).

Anyways, how are you doing? Any current doll project to share? Have an awesome weekend!


  1. This is a fun post! Cookie is so cute, in both her human and animal forms, and I love her glittery pink background. You have really thought out her history and characteristics.

    1. Thank you so much!! I love that background as well, honestly :D
      I have thought a lot of their stories, and that is why I wanted to share them! I'm glad you liked it!

  2. I always enjoy learning about your doll characters Musume and like that the two are one. You are so thorough, covering every little detail. Well done!

    1. Thank you, dear!! She was an impulse buy in both her forms, and I don't regret it! :D

  3. Cookie es realmente adorable, ¡¡en sus dos formas!! Me encantó el fondo color fucsia, Cookie se ve muy bonita con ese vestido ¿lo has hecho tu? Te felicito.
    El post me gustó mucho, porque piensas cada detalle de tus muñecas. Saludos.

  4. Oh, who does not like bloomers - so comfy! :) Thank you for sharing about Cookie!