Monday 11 March 2019

Double Birthday! ~ Short Story

And yes, it is another bday post!! Merry and Cookie have their anniversaries on the 4th and the 13th, so once again I'm making a single story for both of them together. I'm sort of running out of ideas for their presents!

Anyways, as always, the story starts under the cut!

Double Birthday Party

It had been a long day, and Merry had travelled four different human countries collecting human children teeth and exchanging them for coins. Though she had different plans, she had agreed to come to Cookie’s place after the other fairy had managed her portals.

“Come in!” said Cookie, indicating Merry to come in.

“Can I sit in?” asked Merry, rubbing her eyes out of tiredness.

Cookie smiled to herself, as everything was going according to her plan. “Of course!” she said. “But take a look first!”

Merry walked mindlessly towards the table, but she stopped on her track. Her nose woke her up and her eyes focused on the dishes on display. There were so many cheeses, all of them perfectly aligned, and all of them where on her list of favourites.

“Happy birthday, Merry!!” said Cookie from behind, looking at the other fairy with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Is this for me?” the birthday girl asked, innocently.

“Of course!” was the answer.

Cookie felt sad for a moment, thinking that her own birthday had been forgotten. However, instead of sitting to eat the cheese, as Cookie had expected Merry to do, the mouse fairy turned around and said: “I am not getting distracted with the cheese! We prepared a surprise for you!”

“We...?” Cookie wondered. But before she could think or ask for clarification, a strong energy made present on the house, and three dragons materialized in her house: Nyx, the purple one, Aion, the gray one, and Theros –pink and flowery as summer itself.

“What is going on?” she asked, surprised.

“We brought her something, and this is how she welcomes us”. Aion’s perpetually annoyed voice resonated on the fairies minds.

“Don’t be mean, she wasn’t expecting us!” said Nyx, also directly to their thoughts.

“Go on and tell her!” added Theros. “Don’t waste time!”

Aion looked at them exasperated, as always, and materialized a huge jar of chocolate chip cookies in front of the fairies. “We brought cookies for the Cookie!” he said, as if that was utterly funny. “Happy birthday!!”

And this was all for today! I know the cheese and cookies are "old" props, but I had some... "accidents". I wanted to get some very tiny cupcakes (2cm of diameter, really small!), and make them find the surprise at a human's house. But suddenly, no store would carry the damn things! I had to go ahead and think of a replacement story, honestly.

Oh well, I think this was funny as well. What did you think? Have a nice day, and a perfect week!


  1. I thought it was a lovely little story to celebrate the fairies birthdays and I love the little props you've used.
    Have a great week xx

    1. Thank you!! Have a great week as well!

  2. I'm sure I've seen tiny cupcakes somewhere, but I don't remember where or how long ago. The substitutes you came up with were perfect: cheese for the mouse and cookies for Cookie. Happy birthdays, Merry and Cookie!

    1. Thank you so much!! Cookies for cookie xD
      Happy you liked it!

  3. Well I think their birthday gifts were most appropriate, it doesn't matter that you have used the props before Musume, they fit the story perfectly. Bit of a bummer about the cupcakes, but no-one really missed them after all.

    Happy Birthday Merry and Cookie!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you!! Oh well, there will be time to create more props in the future <3
      Happy you liked the story, though!

  4. Haha! That was a funny thing, "Cookies for Cookie!" Hope they all had a happy birthday!
    Enjoyed the story and your props are so amazing!
    Have a great new week!

    1. Yeah! I always think of that pun, and considering Merry's lastname is Brie... she had to have cheese! Happy you liked it!