Sunday 24 November 2019

Plotting About Beans ~ Merry Beans Adventure

Well... it is time for another chapter on this story!! Things are getting more complicated, and it is funny to see how this evolves, honestly. I've been having so much fun with this! So, as always, here is a pic before we start, and the story is under the cut.

Plotting About Beans

"Merry, I have to tell you something, but promise me you will remain calm..." said Cookie, as soon as they entered her house. The kitty fairy was already fearful for what her friend would do.

"What? Did you eat my cheese?" Merry asked, innocently.

But suddenly, Merry realized that the environment felt heavy, and that energy was manifesting in that same place. One of the chairs moved, and Nyx appeared on top of it.

"You came to punish me as Aion said!" Merry screamed, scared of what could happen. Cookie extended her arms, trying to calm her down, buy Nyx had a better idea.

"No, we came because we have something to tell you" Nyx started. "And Theros is okay with this as well, right?" She asked, turning her head as soon as the pink dragon appeared beside her.

"I'm sorry Merry, she knew about our plan! And that kitty fairy spied on us" claimed the newcomer.

"You spied on us!!?" Merry turned to Cookie, but the kitty fairy's face calmed her down instantly. She looked worried, as if regretting everything that was going on.

"Come, little mouse, sit and let me explain" said Nyx using her soothing voice. After doubting for a couple seconds, Merry sat down to hear the story.

"That is much better. I sent Cookie to check on you both, because I had a bad feeling. And it is sadly, true". Theros lowered her head, sad about what was going to hear. "Aion is death, he doesn't understand the need of giving life to those beans. So we gave you fake golden beans to plant..."

"Nyx has the real beans, Merry" said Theros, with her childish voice resonating in the fairies minds.

"What!?" Merry was frustrated. She not only wanted to help Theros, but she also wanted to climb up the Beanstalk and check that fabulous world of giants that was harbored on top of it. And now, her friend was obstaculizing her goal.

"Don't worry, the beans are safe!" said Cookie, and the pink haired mouse fairy turned to her. "While I was checking on you, Nyx used you both as a distraction, and potted the beans somewhere else!"

Merry gasped in surprise, taking both hands to her face. "Is that true?"

"It is" Nyx confirmed. "And they are growing quite healthy, I must add."

Merry and Theros where overjoyed. They looked at each other, nodding with the happiness of a mischief successfully achieved. "What should we do now, Nyx?" asked Theros.

"Of course, we need to check them out. As soon as we create a diversion that is credible enough to keep Aion busy for quite some time." was Nyx's answer. She made a pause, and then added: "We will have a lot to explore!".

And this is all! Now... what are they going to plan for Aion? I wonder why these tiny dragons always end up being to mischievous, honestly! They are always doing something! Anyways, I hope you'll have a wonderful time!


  1. So cute Musume, I love reading your photo stories, they always make me smile!
    Big hugs,

  2. I like how this story is developing. Hopefully you will show us how the real beanstalk is progressing, and I can't wait to see how the dragons deal with Aion.

    1. I'm planning to! But I haven't found a proper beanstalk to continue the story yet D:

  3. So adorable! I love these stories!

  4. So cute, your photo stories are lovely, and the photos are very pretty and colourful :)

  5. The cutest! Enjoy reading these stories!

  6. Love reading your stories. And the hut looks wonderful - I love all the details. Little dolls are so cute. Not to mention the dragons - I am a fan of them. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I love little props, honestly!
      Yes, beware of dragons... or you'll end up building an army of tiny dragons like me xd