Sunday, 9 August 2020

The Beans are Back!

I know, it took me a lot of time to actually keep doing this story. My excuse is I couldn't find a small, affordable inside-house plant that was similar enough to the diffembachia I used to use in this story. Guess what? I got one! And it grew a little bit enough for this story!

So now, the magical beans are back! And Merry is set to inspect that new plant that appeared in the house of a human she went to collect milk teeth from...

The Return of the Beans

Merry had completely forgotten about the magical beans debacle. She went back to her routine of eating cheese, visiting human children to collect their milk teeth in exchange for a coin, eating chocolate, exchanging the coins, eating cheese, checking on her potted plants, eating chocolate, and so on. Quite an ordinary routine.

However, one day she visited a house that reignited her curiosity. She thought it was lost! She thought that Aion had killed the plant! Yet there it was: a specimen the same as the Bean Stalk she found some years ago. And so, she went back to the fairy world to bring her ally to double check: Theros, the dragon of Summer that had enchanted the beans from the very beginning.

“I’m sure this is it, Theros” said Merry, looking at the Bean from a ladder she brought. “It is the same, but smaller!”

“Maybe. It is still growing…” answered Theros, speaking directly to the fairy’s mind. “We need some advise…” she said.

And in that moment, Merry felt a surge of new magical energy filling the room. It was warm, and welcoming, and full of growth and newness. Merry felt it was otherworldly, until she saw that another dragon had appeared in front of Theros: a green dragon with flower sprouts filling his body. “He must be Eiar, the dragon of Spring!” she thought.

“Did you finally find it, Theros?” he asked, again using his mind.

“Yes! This fairy did!”

“Tell me more about this!” requested Eiar, and both dragons started a discussion. Merry felt slightly scared and decided to keep quiet until they stopped talking.

After a trip on memory lane where Theros explained Merry’s adventures with the beans, Eiar finally acknowledged her. He thought the fairy had potential, and that she was a worthy candidate to help them in their quest. She was dedicated, but also innocent. Thus, Eiar’s conclusion was that she wouldn’t interfere with their quest of bringing the magical plants back to life.

“You are such a sweet fairy, taking care of plants!” Eiar said.

Merry was still ashamed. She did it because she was sure that the tree house at the top of the Beans Stalk had treasures. And since cheese and chocolate were treasures, that house must’ve been filled with both of those things!

“We can’t do anything at this moment” concluded Eiar, after a discussion. Then, he turned to Merry. “I hereby put you in charge of this Bean Stalk, Merry. You are tasked with coming here regularly to check the progress of the plant!”

“But the child in this house only has two milk teeth left! I’ll have no excuse to come here after that…” she tried to argue, but the dragons were decided.

“You have to, Merry! We must preserve this magic!” Theros argued, compelling feelings of love and understanding into the mouse fairy. Eventually, Merry nodded, confused. She mentally concluded that she would take double ration of the treasure-cheese (stored in the tree house of that magical Bean Stalk) as a payment. And, double ration of chocolate as a hazard pay.

“Now…” Eiar said, and Theros gave him a meaningful nod. Merry didn't understood, but she didn't worry too much about it. She was busy counting how many ounces and handfuls of cheese she was going to get.

“We need to take care of Aion” the Summer Dragon said, igniting her fiery flowers.

“Indeed, we do” agreed Eiar. And Merry gulped, because the Dragon of Death and Rebirth was not to be trifled with.

A moment of silent passed by, in which Merry was unable to hear (or feel!) the talk between the dragons. Until the seemed to laugh with their eyes. That kind of mischievous look that Merry was unable to understand.

“Merry… we have another tasks for you…” Eiar said.

This was all for today!! The beans are back, and now we have a new dragon-of-interest putting his paws in the pot full of magical beans! Anyways, I'm so happy I finally get to continue this, and I'm also happy with the pictures that I took during lockdown. Anyways, any guesses on what they are planning for Aion?


  1. Ah, the beans are back, lovely!
    Merry has quite an ordinary routine, but a great one in my mind!
    I can just imagine how scary it must have been for Merry to listen to that discussion, but she did good.
    Wonderful photos, as always!

    1. Yes, yes!! Happy you liked the story <3

  2. I'm delighted that the beans are back. I can't guess what plans you have for Aion, but I do have a question. If the dragons communicate by using their minds, do they also have the power to read Merry's mind when she isn't speaking to them? How would you keep your thoughts secret from beings who communicate mentally?

    1. Yay!! Yup, the dragons never actually "speak", they just use their minds. That is why I always write their dialogs in italics :D
      Maybe I should make a photostory with your idea!

  3. I absolutely love your stories and photos. Full of magic. :)

  4. Oooh what lovely photos, their expressions are perfect. And another bean adventure, though I'm a little concerned that Merry is going to get into something that might not be so easy to get out of again.

    1. Thank you so much!! I always feel that I'm unable to get good expressions, honestly!