Sunday 21 February 2021

Photo Challenge: Dark & Light

And so, I continue slowly making my way through @OrchidDolls photography challenge. I know... I started months ago, yet I'm still at it. Don't mind me, I'm having fun! Anyways, for today I decided to mix two topics dark and light. I was also trying to get a lot of contrast, make unusual edits (at least for my traditional editing) and also play with negative space.

Here are my photos, and befreo/after are after the cut. Also, with rants on the camera settings!

So, both photos were taken with my Sony a6400 (a crop sensor mirrorless), and I was using my Tamrom 35mm f2.8 macro lens. Both are taken at 100 ISO, 1/200 of shutter speed. It was a nice day, quite sunny, and these places were almost ground level. I was handholding, so I was able to lower the ISO and fasten the speed. Aion's photo is at 1/320 though, even faster. And in the full resolution, it is possible to see some faint hairs that the leaves have. Amazing!

Here are the before and after. Yes, they are -of course- the same photo, with and without editing. I was trying to make something different on these two, and attempted to play more with constrast as well as the negative space.

That's it for today! I know, silly post, but I still have so much fun doing this type of posts, and trying my best to get "the perfect shot", rather than a bunch of them. Honestly, I think that photo of Aion (gray dragon) is one of the best I've taken from him.


  1. No, not a silly post at all, I love to read what people are doing with their photos because I am so incredibly unadventurous with my photos....and absolutely hopeless at editing. Mine just get adjusted a bit and that is it...and then I am still disappointed. Keep your photo tips posts coming please!

    1. Happy you like this! I always end up in the weirdest places taking photos, so glad to hear somebody enjoys my adventures!

  2. I really liked this post and the results of your photography! The photo tips are appreciated. :)