Sunday 16 May 2021

Theros' Crown ~ Silent Photo Story

Hello! So, Theros' bday is not near the bday of the othe dragons, so I decided to make a small photostory only for her. I really should repaint her: her blushing is not looking good anymore. Anyways, I really wanted to take photos and had like... three weekends in a row that were completely overcast? I was fed up, so I ended up taking this photos on a Sunday morning that looked like the middle of the night.

Anyways, the story is silent. And yes, that is a hot cross bun... because it was the only thing I had at hand to act as a "pie" for her! Hope you like it.

The whole idea was that Theros got a present, but then got distracted by the ring hidden in the pie. Was the pie for her? Who prepared that? Would love to know your theories. But thank you for checking this post :D


  1. Had to giggle when she put the ring on her head. I was expecting it to end or her arm as a bracelet! Theros is more of a queen than I am! LOL!

    1. Hahaha, happy to read that! Yeah, she at least *thinks* it is a queen.