Sunday, 20 June 2021

Body Comparison: Blythe vs ClockworkFaery Sprites

Hello everyone! Well, this post is to satisfy my personal curiosity, but I am sure this will be useful to somebody else. So basically, when I purchased my ClockworkFaery Sprite I looked for comparisons against the Blythe body but couldn't find any. So now that I have a Blythe... here is a comparison! There are more pictures and some additional information under the cut!

First of all, I am not comparing mobility, since it would be quite unfair. The original Blythe body is barely jointed, and the Azone body is quite capable, but has some odd angles that look ugly, while the ClockworkFaery body is a BJD body, and is the only one capable of standing on its own, without any kind of support. And even on heels! Overall, the bodies you can see here are:
  • Blythe body. Original Takara body from 2005 (without head).
  • ClockworkFaery Alice (Sprite). Caramel skin, from 2020.
  • Azone Pureneemo body, with original Takara Blythe head.
As you can see from the front, their chest girth is mostly the same. However, ClockworkFaery's hips are huge, and her torso is shorter than the Blythes. The Blythe body has a very large shoulder width, though.

However, from the side, they have a bit more differences. The Blythe body is straight like a table, but the Azone body has a bit more curvy butt; however, its waist is still quite flat. However, the ClockworkFaery body is very curvy. You can see that, naturally and without moving the joint, her buttocks popup a lot, and she has a considerable curve between there and the waist. So buttoned pants will definitely NOT fit her.

Now, in terms of size, here are some additional notes:
  • Wigs: ClockworkFaery's use 9-10", while Blythes wear 10-11".
  • Eyes: ClockworkFaery Alice wears 22mm (with a 11mm pupil), and Moriko wears 24mm (with 12mm iris). But Blythes use 14mm irises. So that's why they look larger.
  • Hands: ClockworkFaery are smaller and more dainty. They are similar in size to the original Blythe's body, but smaller when compared to the Azone body.
  • Feet: Generally, ClockworkFaery will be able to wear Blythe shoes, but some models will require socks or they look huge. Sometimes, she can wear MidieBlythe shoes, but needs the "larger" models. Now, put some socks and nobody is the wiser.
  • Neck: Probably you can put a ClockworkFaery body to a Blythe. But I have no clue how you are going to get the S-hook to hold in position, because the faceplate system of a Blythe is weird compared to what you need on a BJD.

Anyways, I hope you found this useful! Let me know if you want more photos or some closeups. And honestly? This size is awesome to have, and so versatile for clothing. But nope, I'm not giving up BJDs. You'll see my tinies and V quite soon (as soon as her leg is fixed, though).


  1. That's a nice and intereting comparison. I admit I adore Azone body and also Obitsu 24-26. Original Blythe body reminds me of the Dutch doll Fleur. And ClockworkFaery's arms seem as thin as Pullip stock body's. You're right, smaller dolls are more comfortable and easy to carry around. That's why I sometimes neglect my big BJD boys but I really can't imagine my collection without them.

    1. Thanks, happy it helps!! The Azone body is prettier than I expected. I don't like the stiff hands, but oh well. ClockworkFaery's is thinner on the side--she looks equally thick on the front, but slimmer from the side.

  2. This was a great and simple comparison. The ClockworkFaery has different back and butt, did not expect that. Skirts will probably work but not pants. Original Blythe body are rather dull. Reminds me of those first Barbies and Sindy doll bodies. I have been curious about Blythe, Pullip, (Neo) Lukia and similar dolls, but the head is so big compared to the body. Is the head on Blythe heavy and does it affect the dolls ability to stand without support?

    1. Glad it helped! Yes, the ClockworkFaery butt/back is *very* arched, I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Pants do work, but you have to resort to making darts, and fitting it very well. I have an outfit with very hip-hugging pants, but they weren't easy to make.

  3. Thank you for this! Sorry, I sometimes forget to go here if I've already commented on Insta. Senior moments, lol.

    1. Hahaha, don't worry!! Happy you liked it!