Saturday 24 July 2021

Sewing for Blythe ~ Regency Set!

Hello everyone! Well, you know me--I've been sewing for dolls since I started in this hobby. Getting the Blythe reignited the passion, and I think it is mostly for the side. And well, since I also love period fashion and sewing, I decided to open an "atelier" or shop and sew for Blythes. But instead of commissions, I'll be doing pre-orders. I promise not to spam much here on this blog, but I wanted to share this one, since it is the first!

This is a regency set and I made the pattern myself. It is based on historical patterns (I have some books), and it is made in "Liberty of London" fabric. It also comes with props! The pre-order is open on the BigCartel, and there are only 6 unit tops. Here is one photo, and there are more details below:

Overall, the set comes with:
  • Regency-inspired dress. Made in "Liberty of London" fabric, with a custom pattern based on real-life historical regency dresses (see the details on the back!).
  • Regency-inspired bonnet. Made in "Liberty of London" fabric, with crochet parts and cotton+satin laces. Inspired on historical styles seen on fashion plates.
  • Stretchy bloomer (cotton fabric with satin ribbon).
  • Stretchy stockings (jersey fabric).
  • 'Hardcover' book doll-props (x4). The covers include 'Emma', 'Persuasion', 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Sense and Sensibility'. The pages can be flipped, but are all the same in the four books, and it only includes a few pages.
And I must say, I am particualrly proud of the books! I made them myself, and the set comes with 4!

And of course, the "indicent" photo, to showcase the undergarments:

The set will also fit BJDs like ClockworkFaery Sprites, AtelierMomoni Momonita body, Irreadoll 22cm, Pullips, and other similar dolls. Please, share the info if you can! I will really appreciate that :D


  1. This regency set looks amazing. The fabric is lovely. I love the books and the bonnet!

    1. Thank you so much!! The fabric is Liberty of London, that's why it is sooo pretty! :D