Sunday, 6 February 2022

More Shoes Review! (ClockworkFaery + Azone Pureneemo S)

Hello everyone! Sometime ago I decided to splurge on some shoes from Alibaba. These were really cheap, averaging AUD 8-11 per pair! So, as you can imagine, the size was not very consistent, and the quality is not the best, but they do look great in photos. I will be reviewing them here, comparing the Clockwork feet and the Azone Pureneemo feet as well. So, it starts under the cut!

Mary Janes

These are basic Mary Janes. The quality is nice, however, there are some points worth making:
  • It fits perfectly fine in ClockworkFaery Sprites, both with or without socks/leggings. I tried a medium thickness sock (not pictured) and it did fit. She stands great on this, because the sole is plain.
  • It fits the Azone only without socks or a thin sock only. Fully passing the fastening is nearly impossible, and with a thick sock it doesn't fit at all. She stands perfectly here, but the strap is definitely short.

Pretty Heels

These are nice heels, covered in some sort of satin fabric. There are more colours, and also some with glitter. But this definitely needs some warnings:
  • It DOES NOT fit the Azone Pureneemo. You have to force it inside, and it doesn't fully lower on the feet. As a result, the doll cannot stand. The ankle joint cannot pull the required angle for this.
  • ClockworkFaery first perfectly and can stand, but it is not the best balance either.
  • These are not of a good quality. The fabric starting unglueing from the strap just for putting it on for these photos. Nope. Not good.

Lolita Shoes

There is not much to say for these. There are many, many colours, and they fit perfectly on both feet with and without socks. But, warning: the straps are sh*t. Honestly, the celurean strated to fall apart while I put it for this photos. They were the cheapest, but still! Awful quality.


This one is simple as well--THEY ARE AWESOME!! They fit very well, are easy to put on and off, stands like a rock, the quality is great, and looks overall stunning on. For both dolls. The white has several colours to pick from, but the other is just the brown one.


As you can see, there are two models here: the black/white are the same model (there are tons more of colours), but the green is a different model, and comes only on green or pink. They both fit perfectly, the cords are just the right length to tie it up, and both dolls can stand correctly. The only point is that ClockworkFaery's ankle is thinner, and without socks, the green (ankle-height) looks slightly weird. In any case, put some socks/leggings and it fits correctly.

And this is all for today!! I hope this is useful. Overall, the quality of some was nice, I think only two sets were less than ideal. But now you know! :D


  1. Thank you for a great review. The white boots look really nice but pity the lolita shoes are so badly made. For my Blythe and Pullips I usually buy boots from Cool Cat. The quality is pretty good. Only once the sole came off.

    1. I'm so happy it helped! Yeah, the lolita shoes were adorable, but the quality is the worst thing awful. I have some CoolCat shoes, which are from excellent quality, but these were cheap. And I sepnt in all of this the same amount I would've in 3-4 CoolCat pairs... which also explains the quality, lol!

  2. Great and short review. I have seen some of these shoes on Alibaba, but have not been certain about ordering. Some shoes have such a long time to deliver to my part of the world. The price for the shoes and for the post/packing is really nice. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. I understand--that's a plus of being in Australia, Alibaba's shipments come in quite fast. Happy it helped!

  3. I love the little brown lace up boots - I have them in black as well. Nice review- and such a lot of cute foot wear!

    1. Yes, those are lovely! Happy you liked this :)