Sunday 27 November 2022

Fashionable Hope!

Hello everyone!! Well, I have a new outfit to share, and this time I also took some close-up photos, because I really like this outfit. The coat is actually done in Liberty Fabric, and I think it's lovely, and very fashionable. The tood (of course) isn't proportional to her head so it can't be worn, but I found it was quite useful to hide the strings of her eye mechanisms, and it looked very neat.

I actually did two photo sessions with this, but I'm just picking the best photos and putting them here in a single one. I'll share some details below.

This one was quite a funny story. Australia is having the La NiƱa storm nearby, which means we are having unusual winds and very cold weather when it should be spring-summer. My problem with wind is that Hope *cannot* stand on its own, and the stands (even the head-locking one) are a bit flimsy in non-smooth floor.

So first, I had to wait for almost a month to get some photos. Whe I *finally* go out, I literally forgot the camera's battery, and had to rush back home. Gladly, it was mid-spring, and the dusk comes about ~7pm. So I rushed home, fetched the battery, and went to this little part between buildings--but the wind was so strong the loose leaves were coiling (!!) inside! Anyways, I did manage some photos:

Anyways, I was a bit upset because I had put so much work into that outfit, and the wind was so strong I couldn't get many photos that showcased the entire outfit. So I went back to my own balcony (which you have seen featured in several sets), and took a bunch more. Since it was a bit more "protected" from that ruthless wind, I managed to get some closeups on the details, courtesy of my vintage Vivitar 90mm 1:1 macro.

There is a lot of detail! That strap on the sleeve also has a button, the coat is fully lined, and every pocket, including in the pants, works. The shirt has a very nice neckline and that cut on the chest/shoulders that I think i lovely. I really wanted to share it!

Now, you see, the problem with that insane wind is that I couldn't balance the glasses on Hope and make them stay on; also, I didn't want to put blue tack on top of her faceup! So the photos on the bacldony show her with the glasses, because that extra cute factor is adorable!


  1. Hope is indeed a very fashionable girl. And she doesn't seem to mind that windy weather. Her outfit is very stylish and detailed. Hiding the pullstrings in the hood is a good idea.

    1. Thank you very much! Happy you liked it, and yes, hiding the pullstrings helped to get great photos!!

  2. Despite the wind you captured this outfit so well, everyone can see it's beautifully made. And she looks indeed fashionable.

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot! <3