Sunday 20 November 2022

Spring Dragons!

Well yes, it turns out that I hadn't used my Carl Zeiss Jena lens in a while. This Jena is the second oldest lens I have, also from 1962--and it is ridiculously sharp, heavy, and well built. I wish the plasticky modern lenses would come with such pure metal bodies as this have! Anyways, this lens is a 75-300mm f4.5-5.6, which meant that the dragons where there (imagine a point) and I was 2 meters away from them, squatting or tiptoeing to get the right angle. Add some curious passer-bys. I regret nothing.

I took some individual photos as well. The grey one is Aion (the only one with a vertical photo, I'm silly), the pink one is Theros, green is Eiar, and purple is Nyx. Both Aion and Eiar use "he/him", Theros and Nyx use "she/her".

There are some group photos, and I really like how it seems they are discussing something.


  1. So lovely and colorful photos! ♥ They all are so cute. ^.^