Saturday 20 May 2023

Sandy ~ Character Info

It's been quite a while, but I finally (thanks to the dragon's project) managed to make the flowers for Sandy's horns, and to write the character sheet she was owed. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Sandy! There are some photos and a character sheet under the cut!


  • Name: Sandy Gold
  • Birth Place: Animal fairies bloom from flower saplings. There is a ceremony and Elder fairies are there to receive newcomers. Sandy was born from a gardenia flower.
  • Name Origin: Fairies are named by the other fairies present at the first moment, based on the impressions they get from the newcomer. Sandy's hair shone like sand under the noon sun, so the Elder decided her name would reflect that colour.
  • Age: Fairies don’t keep track of how many years each fairy has, but do remember the arrival day. Sandy is still considered a young fairy, but older than Merry.
  • Race: Animal fairy, mouse. Her animal self is a sheep, but she is not able to have a full animal form--hence why Sandy only has horns.
  • Birthmarks: Her ears have small perennial gardenias, and she has two tiny beauty marks on the right eye.
  • Pronouns: When using human languages, Sandy prefers her/she pronouns.
  • Occupation: As a sheep fairy, her job is to help humans dream at night, while pushing the nightmares away. Sandy is unusual, because she likes working with adults rather than children.

  • Personality: Sandy is shy, and is usually scared of fairies and humans with bright personalities. She blushes a lot.
  • Negative traits: Because Sandy doesn't like speaking, other fairies take her for granted. Sandy has trouble speaking up for herself, and always resorts to smiling and nodding.
  • Positive traits: She's thinks a lot and its quite kind, but would seldom speak. She tries to give back to the fairy community, and often help fairies to have nice dreams at night as well.
  • Special traits: As most fairies, she cannot use magic. Also, she hasn’t learned how to transform herself into her animal form (like Cookie does).
  • Magical traits: She can conjure sand and make it move at will, creating shapes. The sand often shines like gold and is brims with magic.
  • Other's opinion: Other fairies consider her as immature, because Sandy doesn't speak.
  • Temperament: She is peaceful and quiet. When she is too focused on something, she ignores the rest of the world and is very careless. If she get's scared, she'll summon her magical sand.

  • Favorite clothing: Sandy either likes summer dresses, or pajamas. There is no in between for her.
  • Favorite food: Smoothies. Sandy *loves* smoothies, especially those containing spinach.
  • Hobby: Sand castles. Once, Sandy created a castle so large the fairies had a tea party inside!
  • Fears: Children. Nightmares.
  • Habits: If Sandy get's bored, she'll fall asleep. Anywhere, and with a surprise ease.


  1. They suit her very well. And I love the tiny heart in her ear.

  2. Sandy Gold looks very sweet with her new Gardenias. :) She also has some typical Sandy traits Musume. The last one really hit home. LOL!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you so much!! Happy you like her Sandy traits, though! :D

  3. Sandy has the cutest little face. She is absolutely adorable and I love her horns. I also really love how she was born. Such interesting ideas you have.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you like her, she's so cute and her smile often gets me to smile as well :)