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Hello! This is a handmade, high quality atelier of crochet and knit fashion for dolls, mostly for BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls). We can work on any doll as long as you give us the measures we request, that depend on the clothing piece you want.


I, Musume (the owner of this blog), met BJD in 2010. Back then, I could only dream about getting a doll, but in 2013 I was finally able to get my first doll. After that, I found a passion that I did not knew I had: sewing in miniature.

Even if I'm married I enjoy a really nice relation with my mom, and that was how she -loving to crochet and knit- started doing some impressive and stunning clothes for my doll. After getting a lot of compliments in the local community, we started accepting commission, in July of 2013. Now we also decided it was time to open an Etsy shop, with the ambition to reach more hobbyists, and to sell in-stock items that we have.

Etsy Shop

We currently do our commissions/custom request, and in-stock sales, through Etsy, so please, do check it out.

For a custom request, click on the button on the left, where it sais Request Custom Order. If you want an in-stock item in other color/size, enter on the item listing, and click on the Ask a Question gray button on the right (just under the price of the item).

We can also work based on images of human clothing, but you will need to send the pictures to use, so we can give you a price and time quote, and tell you if it is possible. To see other works of us, you can check:
Finally, you can check our threads chart, here.


We all know how important feedback is, so here are the links to my feedback: