Sunday, December 15, 2013

1 Year of Blogging!

Hello everyone! I can't believe this, but is true! Today, December the 15th, is the first year anniversary of my blog, and is also Kitty's second year with me (the handmade doll I did back in 2011). I was planning to do a giveaway to celebrate, but my postal service were recently on a strike, and no they have a huge backlog, so I don't want to take any risks. I will make the giveaway, though, in May, for Coco's birthdate :3

Ok, so to celebrate a little, I made this boots for Coco... yes, booties! It took me a week , because I needed to test patterns and I had been doing extra hours at work again, so not much time left. Also, I was being slow down by the glue I used, it needs 24 hours to be completely dry.

Here are some pics!

And here is another one:

The fabric you can see under the boots is the fabric I will use for the dress... The other day I saw a girl at my work wearing oversized prints and I thought it was cute to make Coco something with oversized dots! If I play well the dots, they will look amazing, I hope. I'm gonna make her a purse, also.

Also, I want to let you all know that I'm also on Tumblr now:

Anyways... since it is my blogs bday, I want to ask somethings:
  • Will you like Coco's 10 facts to celebrate?
  • Will you like 10 facts about the blog+doll owner? (me, hahaha)
  •  In the giveaway next year, will you enter? :D
Ok, so this was enough crazyness for today! Thanks so much for this amazing year, I hope the Postal Service is OK soon, so I can make the giveaway as planned!


  1. Congrats on your first anniversary! :D
    The boots are really cute! And I can't wait to see the dress, the concept sounds adorable.

    And I say yes to the two first questions and maybe to the second. :D

    1. Thanks!! Well, as soon as I finish this dress, I will come up with the 10 facts, then! :D

    2. You're welcome. :D (And I just realized that I wrote it wrong, I meant maybe to the last question. :P)

    3. :D I haven't noticed it! Thanks! :P

  2. Congrats on the year that's passed. :) I'm happy to still see you blogging.
    The boots looks really great! You sure have a lot of talents. :)

    And yes, yes and yes! :D

    1. Thanks Lise! I'm happy to keep fangirling shoes with you!
      Oh, thanks, you are so kind! :D

  3. no termino de entender las dos primeras preguntas, y el traductor no me ayuda en nada XD a la ultima digo que si! jajaja

    1. Preguntaba si estarían interesados en que hiciera el meme de "10 cosas" sobre Coco y sobre mí, quizás, pero siempre relacionado con el hobby :D