Friday, 20 December 2013

Balancing 2013's Out!

Hello! Well, I think is that time of the year to balance out what I did this year, and if I fullfilled my 2013 resolutions. I will be posting the 2014 on Xmas, so stay tunned if you are insterested! Also, I already made my mind and I'm going to do the two "10 facts" meme's I proposed, but those will be in New Year, after I come back from my small trip -we are going to spend some time with my hubby's family, that lives across the country!

So, here are the 2013 Resolutions, and my comments. First is the resolution, and my comment is with colored letters:
  • Get my first resin mini-size ABJD. I won't say the sculpt, because sometimes I feel something will happen if I say who it is, like it did plenty of times before. I will only say it's a female doll.
I got her and she is amazing! She is a Withdoll Basic Rachel, in normal skin, big bust, default faceup. I ordered her in late February and got her at early May at home. She is made me so, so happy!

  • Get eyes, shoes and wigs for her (this is because I'm too afraid of the customs in my country).
Messy point. I got many accesories orders. First, I ordered Coolcat (wig and shoes) and DD-Anne (eyes). Then, for my b-day present, the hubby bought me moar things! An Safrindoll order (some cute Eyeco for Coco) and Angell Studio (big wig order + stand). Yeah, I think I fulfilled this point.
  • Learn to sew with the scary-sewing-hell-machine. I hate that thing, but I need to know how to use it properly.
No. Just no. I have a really old -but functional- sewing machine that someone gave me -no comments on that- but I just can't. I love to sew by hand!
  • Take some photography class!
Another no. The class I wanted to take never started this year, and work was pretty crazy also, so no.

  • Get a decent camera, if I can, to the end of the year. This is not only dolly-related, but because I like to take pics, and sometimes my crappy-cam can't do much.
Another no! Way too expensive! I want a Cannon, the EOS 600D but in my country it is around 1000$ (dollars, right), and I just can't afford that now.
  • Sew a dolly gift for a friend's birthday present.
I did this, yeah!!! I sen't her things for almost all of her dolls, and we also did a small group order -that got lost on the mail and then resent- and now my part is on its way to my home!
  • Try to start posting over DoA. I registered on 2011 and never posted.
I also did this! And had a great time posting and participating on DoA! Met a lot of amazing people, and learnt a lot of things, too.
  • Dare to take Kitty and her horse outside, and take pics on some nice place. I'm afraid of taking them outside my apartment. 
I couldn't do this, sadly. Hope to someday get the value to take my dolls out with me.


  1. Very similar to me, it seems like you managed to keep half of your resolutions. :) I think it's natural, that you can't do them all.

    But the most important thing is that you got Rachel! :) It seems like you got so much happiness out of her, so I think that was great!

    I have the same problem with buying a camera. The one I want is around $400, and I do have the money, if I refrain from buying dolls for a short while, but it's so hard. :/ $1000 is just madness!

    I hope to see a lot more pictures from you next near! :)

    1. Hi dear, thank you so much!! Yes, I think I was able to keep up with the more important ones. I know, electronics are way too overpriced on my country, sadly, and that price for a model that is old, is... just no.

      I hope to keep reading you and you awesome blog, too! Thanks!