Thursday, December 26, 2013

Coco's 10 Facts

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas full of joy, family, friends and presents! -and dollies, of course!! So, today I came in to share some pics of Coco, along with the 10 facts I promised about her. The other 10's I' going to do them when I come back in New Year, and after sewing her a new outfit, hahaha.

Anyways, some pics of Coco (and yay that is a new background!). I also wanted to share the cute reindeer hat my mother gifted Coco this Christmas! That was so cute of her, thanks!

...and the 10 Facts under the cut! (did you saw Coco's purse?)

Coco has a small story I'm slowly working out, so here they are some facts about that, and two facts more about her names and other bits. Hope you like them!

Coco's 10 Facts...
  • Coco is a model, so she is used to wear wigs for the shots. Her real hair is light brown, straight, and she keeps it long to her hips. Her eyes are cyan.
  • Coco is French, but in reality her mother was a french woman, and her father is Korean. Hence her mixed appearance.
  • She works on a fashion design company, that has two designers. She is also the fave model and gets all the best treatments.
  • Coco speaks french, korean and english.
  • Coco also plays saxophone as her hobby.
  • She is pretty, and she knows it.
  • She is that kind of person that speaks her mind without bothering on manners or how other people would feel. Because of this, she also gives her opinions about the clothes of her company... even if they aren't requested.
  • Coco loves skirts and dresses, but not pants.
  • Coco loves hats! She thinks that a good hat always complements a lady's wardrobe. 
  • Her best friend is also a model, for the same company, and is also her roommate.

Some fun facts or curiosities:
  • My lovely hubby picked Coco's name, from a saying we both have. But I'm keeping that saying for us.
  • Even when I put Coco on her stand, she always strikes a "diva-pose" all by herself. Even when she is trying the wip-clothes when I sew!
And this is it!

Finally I wanted to tell you that next week I won't be around, as I'm going to my hubby's city to spend the week and the New Year eve with his family. Maybe I will left a self-publishing post on the 31st., but I still don't know. Crochet commission will be retaken after I come back, on Sunday 5th.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Que tengas un feliz viaje y que te diviertas muchísimo. Besos.

    1. ¡Gracias! Espero poder traer regalos para todos.

  2. Great pictures! :) Coco looks stunning.

    You got some interesting facts about her.
    I like how she doesn't like pants. I have girls like that here too. Haha. :P

    1. Thanks! I think that the 10 Facts thing made me realize a lot more things about her! Now I'm thinking on Cookie's 10 facts, but first, I want to meet her when she arrives, next year!

  3. se te olvidó "a Coco le gusta pasar el dia en ropa interior" jajajaja muy bueno!
    Espero que tengas un buen viaje y que la pases muy bien!!

    1. Siii, jajaja, me olvidé! Gracias amiga!