Monday 9 June 2014

Pre-Summer Sale on Etsy!

Hello! Today I want to share some news :3 In order to promote our Etsy store we are making a pre-summer sale with some items in stock and lowered prices! Also, each order will get a free handmade bunny or cat pin (your choice!).

I know we don't have feedback on Etsy (yet) but I do have good feedback on DoA, and you can check it out here: DoA feedback. Please, any doubt or question you may have, I will do my utmost to answer it! :D

Some more news under the cut!

New threads arrival!
For the commissions and custom made orders we have a thread gallery with all the available threads we have in stock. You can check the full gallery here. Also, we have added tons of new threads, that you can see on the following images:

And this limited edition lurex threads. The following threads needs to be mixed with a regular thread in order to be crochetted:

White Lurex

Copper Lurex Thread