Saturday, 23 August 2014

Coco's Heels ~ Pause on a Whisper

Finally, here it is the post about the shoes that I promised! I really wanted to make a pair like this, so I asked my mom if she would crochet them if I did the heels. So, with the help of my hubby, I made the heels, sanded, painted and glossed them. She made the heels with an extremely thin thread mixed with lurex... you can see on the macro shots how the shoes shine :3

But why did I want such special shoes? I was sure I wanted to write a little of story about this. Coco getting gifted this heels, and then she wearing in the street... Anyways. I started searching for poems, and found Pause on a Whisper by Lyn Geist, on Hello Poetry, a site dedicated to poetry. I really loved that poem so I contacted Lyn to ask permission to use them and she said yes!

So, here you have some pictures, and after the cut, the poem and more photos:

Pause on a Whisper


I passed you on the street today
Like all the days before this very one.
Glancing side ways,  I saw
The sun stream through your hair
And smelled a hint of lilac in the air.
Captivated by the sound of your
High heeled shoes on the pavement,
I paused for a whisper of a moment.
And feeling that pause,
As though I had reached out to you,
You stopped.
Time stopped.
My world stopped.
Inside that moment
Another was created.
That creation began to flow
Then form into a life of its own
Only to dissolve amongst
The  fading sound
Of clip clopping high heeled shoes
And the dying scent of lilac in the air.

Who was that men, looking at Coco on the street, when she stopped to look a commerce's showcase?

I think that the story took a little more form after I found this poem. The man who saw her is a novelist (yes! Thinking on Hornblend whom I will not purchase) that was with a writer's block until he saw Coco. What will he do, now?

For now, the next update will be on the week, about another part of Coco's story that I'm writing, to go along with some photos that hubby helped me to get. But I will continue this part... and I hope someday to be able to get Chanel and Hazel, too.

Anyways, here are some links to Lyn's site, so please check them!
  • "Pause on a Whisper" on Hello Poetry: [here]
  • Lyn Geist profile on Hello Poetry: [here]
  • Lyn's Wordpress poetry blog: [here]


  1. Beautiful work, the shoes are great! I like how they close in the back with that cute bow too :-). And a very romantic story and poem, great that you could use it :-).

    1. Thank you, you are really kind!! Yes, I'm really happy that she allowed me to use the poem :3

  2. Bellisimas las fotos de los zapatos y el poema es muy tierno, me encantó este post y me emocionó también

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Esto muy contenta con los zapatos :3