Thursday 28 August 2014

Coco's Story ~ Empyreal

Hello! I know I have been talking about this for a long time, but I finally decided to write a little drabble about an event in Coco's Story, and decided to share it. Everything began when I thought of taking certain photo of her, and the idea of this drabble just popped up in my head. Hubby was so kind to help me on a Sunday dawn to take this pictures, patiently waiting for me to take around 60 pics... just to select only two after checking them on my laptop.

This is one of the pictures, and after that you can see the list of character that appears on the story, so you won't be so lost while reading this. The full story is after the cut, please be kind because it is my first time writing :3

  • Channel: Coco's youngest sister. 
  • Jung Hee: Coco's childhood friend, that enlisted on the Korean navy, and is presumably dead after the ship went missing for more than a week.
  • Jae Hwa: Jung Hee's mother, she is a friend of Coco's father (he is Korean, too).


I bet you wouldn't have guessed that I be here, today... talking to you. So many years have passed and I still hope that what we know was a fake, that you were just 'lost', that the ship was found, and that you are here again, alive, but older, maybe with long hair.

I can't get over those events, and this year, everything seemed to drag me down to this place, to the same dock where five years ago your ship sailed to a no return trip. We never knew what happened. I still remember that mother called Chanel and I to her office and, when we entered the room, she coldly spoke that Jae Hwa has just hanged the phone telling in sad news that your ship was missing.

One week later, you -and all the crew- where declared dead.

I didn’t cry that day. I remember that clearly. I just… couldn’t accept that you were no longer here; that the childhood friend that I knew from almost day one was gone. But with the time passing by, and the memories of you becoming more distant, I started to cry. Sometimes, I would be doing anything and your memory will come back to me, hitting me like a slap on the face.

What would you be doing if you were still alive, Jung Hee? I bet you would be working with your father, or maybe majoring in college. To me you were the brother I don't have, but I think that it is time that I move on. You are like a leaf on the tree of my life: you made a mark on it, a mark that shaped my personality, but now I need to keep growing.

Good bye, Jung Hee, I will always keep you in my heart. And I know I just lost the bet. You probably already knew that I would be here today.

From BJD-Sparks on deviantArt, that gave me the idea for the name of the drabble.
empyreal (em-PIR-ee-el) adj.  1. relating to the highest heaven, believed to contain pure light or fire. 2. relating to the sky; celestial. 3. sublime; elevated.

This is lame, but I almost cried while writing the end :< But oh anyways... I think the next is a short photo-story about Cookie and her daily tasks as a fairy. Just to change the mood of the things. I hope you have liked this :3

Disclaimer: please, don't copy nor reproduce this text, because it is for my doll's story and my personal use only >.<


  1. que melancólico amiga!! TwT muy lindo!!
    me pregunto si aparecerá Jung Hee! tal vez su fantasma! *0*

    1. ¡¡Gracias amiga!! TwT No creo tener a Jung Hee ni en fantasma, pero si al muchacho que la vió taconear por la calle (el del post de los zapatos).

    2. :o no lo vi! hace rato que no entro al blog! jejeje

  2. Una hermosa historia, pero muy triste, las fotos encajan perfectas con la trama. Eres muy buena escribiendo, aunque esta historia en particular me pareció triste, es muy tierna. Espero con ansias la continuación.

    1. ¡Gracias! Quedó triste, pero bueno T_T Me alegro que te haya gustado :3