Friday, February 6, 2015

To make things clear...

I don't follow TrueBJDConfessions on Tumblr, but today I found out about a "mean" confession about the Etsy and crochet clothings. I thought it was going to be something like 'it is too expensive' or 'too horrid' but no. The confession really hit me, and even if I clarified it on my Tumblr, I want to make things clear here in my blog.

Here is the confession (click on the image to go to the confession's blog):

Well, you have seen I had a DoA hadnsewing commissions, and that I reopened just some time ago. Why do I say this? Because those (made by me) I charge them and ask them paid on my own Paypal. Those on Etsy, and made on crochet, goes directly to my mom’s Paypal. If we have a mixed sewing/crochet commission, all the money goes to my mom’s Paypal.

Why would I do that? Because as the confession says, it is her work, and I want to help her get some extra money. She does not speak English (although she is trying and learning), and she does not have time to take the photos and does not know how to edit them. She just like to crochet and knit. And also, the original idea of making crochet and knit fashion for dolls, was hers. She wanted an extra income making things she loves: crochet

I would never, never ask my mom that money, nor I have never profitted on her hard work. I’m from a family that is really united, so we can work together. You can check on this blog all the things: husband buying me things, talking with me of my hobby, my dad making the clothes-hanger, my mom making clothes for me... I also bought a doll for her: Calina. Calina may not be of a known brand (just made by a local artist who is trying to do a BJD business someday) but my mom liked her, and I tried my best to buy the doll for her.

From time to time, my mom will come and  tell me she wants to give me something for my “hard work” (meaning taking photos, editing them, advertising the Etsy, changing dolls clothes back and forth, and so on) do you know what I ask her? An omelette!!!! Yes, the food, she does it amazing, and I even buy the ingredients.

The only time the omelette-tactic failed, was on December of 2014, when she told me she wanted to buy my a wig for a doll of mine (Cookie). I tried to persuade her, delay the purchase and all, but it was futile and she ended up sitting me on the PC to buy the wig. I have thanked her thousand times already, but I still feel it is not enough.

With this said, if anyone has any questions, please, let me know and I will gladly answer you.


  1. Wow, just wow. How can anyone be so cruel? I'm so sorry you had to read that, dear <3
    Of course you don't use your mother to make money. That is such a cruel thing to accuse you of. :( I don't know what to say... Please don't let it get to you!
    Both you and your mother does beautiful work!

  2. The person who wrote that is just an idiot. They aren't buying your Mom's stuff because they went ahead and just made an assumption about how you do business... which I think tells us more about them than it does about you.

    I seriously hate the mean doll blogs and tumblrs out there... there is absolutely zero purpose for them other than to make people feel crappy, and to give crappy people a place to do it.

  3. Wow... Sorry to hear that someone wrote such a rude confession about you :/ So many people in this hobby don't seem to care at all about other people's feelings, to be honest I wish those confession blogs didn't exist at all since they're seem just like an "approved" way of bullying others online >.< There are some positive confessions time to time, but I feel like 80% of them is negative and generally just plain rude attacks towards specific users... And so many times people just make quick assumptions and start writing hurtful shit about others based on this false info they have.. *sigh*

    But like Lise said, please don't let it get to you! ♥ I think it's admirable how you're helping out your mom to sell her work~

  4. I'm so sad that you had to read that, and that there's people writing that kind of stuff online. It's so easy to be annonymous on internet and that person is a coward.

    Don't listen to that one person, you don't need to give explanations, I'm sure no one besides that asshole thinks that about you.

  5. Oh, wow - shame on that person for making not only the assumption, but for posting it to a confession blog (if they were actually "concerned" I'd think they'd have asked directly rather than making an anonymous submission to a confession blog)!

  6. Realmente me pareció grosero y vulgar el criticar como "Anonymous", es una cobardía no dar la cara. Musume, recuerda que todos los que seguimos tu blog, somos testigos de todo el apoyo que le das a tu madre y a su trabajo, no te dejes afectar por gentes llenas de envidia. Ánimos, pequeña. Y deseo que sigas disfrutando este hobbie como hasta ahora. Un beso grande, grande y mi admiración por tí y tus bellas niñas (Coco y Cookie)

  7. It didn't really seem like a mean confession, just a silly misunderstanding! If that person reads everything you wrote they will surely feel like a big ol' fool now >_> Don't worry~!

  8. I don't read the confession blogs, either (I think they're horrible sucking pools of negativity), but several friends warned me that an ugly, insinuating confession had been posted, which suggested that I was lying about my illness and need for a wheelchair, because I was buying dolls.

    (The issue was that my wheelchair cost more than twelve thousand dollars and was supposed to be covered by insurance -- I had a two-year battle to get the right chair for my condition. It had nothing to do with my spending money on things for myself, the issue was that I shouldn't have had to pay for it at all.)

    I don't think they liked my response very much. Warning -- I swear a LOT in it.

    You managed to handle this with grace and dignity, and I'm very sorry that you were put in this position in the first place.

    I am touched to learn more about your relationship with your mother -- you two sound very close, and as a mom who loves her own daughter, that's wonderful to see.

    Wishing you the best, and I hope you can put this unpleasant episode behind you quickly.


  9. La gente opina sin saber amiga. Lucrar con el trabajo de otro artista sería comprarle por monedas su trabajo y revenderlo por mucho mas de lo que pagaste. Este claramente no es el caso! No tenes que hacerte problema por estas cosas, siempre va a haber alguien hablando mal de uno, "ladran Sancho, señal que cabalgamos". Mirale el lado bueno, sos famosa!! ya tenes una BJDConfessions que habla de vos!!! jajaja grosa!!!