Sunday 15 March 2015

A Fairy Kitten Birthday

Hello! I truly can't believe how much time flies, but yesterday was Cookie's first birthday! 1 year since her arrival! I must be honest, it took me a little to bond with her, but after reworking her character, finding out her personality... and my mom gifting me a wig for Cookie: I love her! It is so much fun to play with the tinies, that I can't believe it!

Today, I want to share a small in-character photo-story of Cookie, in which she comes back to the fairy lair, only to find out a small present that the other animal fairies left for her :3 My mom also gave her a present, but I will feature it on another story.

The full story under the cut!

"Is that for me?"

"This is so cute! I must open it!"

"Ohhh! Is this..."

"...yarn? I must..."

"I must fight the yarn!!"

"I fought the enemy and it won..."

"I must... sleep..."

"Defeated... by a yarn..."

Poor Cookie xD She fought the yarn but it won! Hahaha, my kitten does that with any type of thread or yarn we give him. At the end, he always manages to lay defeated, and tangled. Anyways, I had a lot of fun doing this small photo-story, but Cookie will resume her investigation about the apple very soon!

I want to tackle Fushite's interview meme, and some other things before continuing with Cookie story. In the meantime, I keep working (and re-working) on my part of the swap to get Merry's animal parts.

Happy birthday Cookie Miu! I will try to finally post her 10 Facts soon :3


  1. Awww what a little cutie, such an adorable series of photos XD ♥ Happy birthday to her~ It's weird how fast time can go... You feel like you just got a doll yesterday and then it's already one year old!

    1. Happy you liked the photos! And indeed, time flies!!

  2. ¡Que hermosa la foto-historia!!! Me encantó. Toda una gatita jugando con los ovillos. XD Es A D O R A B L E!!!
    Aunque parece que no, el tiempo vuela. Feliz primer cumpleaños

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Ciertamente que el tiempo vuela, espero poder hacer más historias, son divertidas :3

  3. Aww, those little yarn balls are sooo cute x3 eheheh.

  4. Happy birthday to Cookie!!! Photos look amazing, you have improved so much~

    Loved the story, my sister laugh when she saw Cookie defeated (she's here with me). I smiled too :)

    1. Thank youuu!!! That means a lot to me :3
      Well, my kitten's defeats inspired me, hahah. I have another similar story in mind, but I need to finish Merry first.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Cookie! :D The photos are really adorable.

    Btw, I never got to congratulate you for getting that Withdoll Strawberry! I'm a bit slow on commenting lately.. ^^'' It's totally awesome that Withdoll gifted you a doll! And she's just too adorable - can't wait to see much more of her. :D

    1. Thank you!!!! Both for Cookie's and Merry's congratulations :3
      I do hope to post more about Merry once I get her a little more customized with her fantasy parts and all :3