Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BJD Interview Meme

Yes, I have been tagged on this by the lovely Fushite (you should seriously check her blog out, her dolls and stories are awesome!) to do the interview with Coco. Since Coco is a fashion model, I decided to try and answer 'in character' like if she was answering a real interview, hence, I removed the question #14 about other dolls xD

The people I tag are at the bottom of the interview! By the way, the photo is part of this month's BJD-Sparks (on DeviantART) theme: black & white.

1) What is your full name?
My full name is Coco Seong, and yes... it is not a nick nor a stage name.

2) What is your nationality/ethnicity?
I was born here in France, although you can see I'm mixed race. My mother is French too, but my father is Korean.

3) When were you born/how old are you?
May I say I'm two? You won't believe it! [Coco laughs at the pun] I'm 22.

4) What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?
If you are asking if I'm part of that 'other kin' movement, no, I am not. What is with that question, anyways? Although if I had to be a fantasy kind, like in a movie, I would love to be a vampire!

5) Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?
I'm single, and you may say that my crush is my private high heel collection! [She points to her glittering heels and laughs]

6)Are you straight/bi/trans/etc?
I'm cis, yes :)

7) Favorite hobby?
I play sax since I was a kid. I learned with one of the bests, and I even know how to read music.

8) Favorite food & drink?
Honestly, I haven't thought about this before! But if I have to choose... that will be cupcakes and apple juice. Not too healthy the first, but definitely cute and tasty.

9) Do you have a job?
If you are asking about particular contracts, I'm working with DollTrends now, but I'm still M&O lead model.

10) What is your favorite animal?
Cats! So cute and fluffy :3 Although I love some small-sized dog races, like the Russian Toy Terrier.

11) What is your bad habit?
I really don't know what to say here, hahaha.

12) What is your favorite hangout?
Well, I love the parties after the runways shows. One always meet new and interesting people!

13) Do you have a favourite holiday?
I will say March the 13th, that is International Sleep Day, but you wouldn't believe me. [Coco laughs again] And I celebrate it fondly by making it the honor of sleep a lot... if I can and if I'm not working that day.

15) Would you briefly tell us your background?
When I decided to start on the fashion industry, I went to many castings, including some for beauty commercial, tv advertising, magazine photoshoots... but I never got big contracts on popular brands, because there was always a casting-manager that would tell me I was 'too-mixed' for what they were looking for. After some time, an acquitance let me know that a new designer was doing a casting for models. I signed up instantly, and I was hired into M&O. After that, thigs were a rollercoaster full of work and joy.

Ok, that's it! I will tag the following people to do this. I won't be asking about a particular doll, just do it with the one you fell comfortable doing it (by the way, I will tag you on Flick and Twitter if I have you there, too!):
 Hope to read your interviews!!! :D


  1. This was very fun to read, Coco laughs a lot!!! but it's okay, I laugh a lot too X)!!!
    I'm not sure if I'll make one or 2 interviews, but I will see after I finish one xD Thanks!

    I love the photo!

    I didn't understand the pun ;_;...!!!

    1. The pun of the age is because this May is the doll second birthday xD. The vampire thing is because Withdoll's Vampire Rachel edition hahaha.

      Can't wait to read your interview(s)!

    2. ohhh I see X) It's coming soon!

  2. I looove reading these BJD interviews, it's so much fun finding out about people's characters~ Coco seems like such a darling personality :3

    1. Owww, thank you! You are really kind :3

  3. This was so much fun to read :3 Coco seems like such a nice girl too!

    1. Thank you!! :D
      I was afraid she would sound mean =S

  4. Coco should totally come hang out with all my models! I'm sure she would fit in perfect with all of them, haha. :D

    1. It will, I'm sure!!! :D
      Your collection is amazing, that is what happens :D

  5. These are such fun to read - it's always interesting to hear more about the backstories of dolls that I usually only know from photographs! :)

    1. Happy you think so! I will definitely share more about the stories :3

  6. Great to read :D Coco seems so elegant and lady-like somehow.
    I hope to learn a lot more about your dollies. ^^