Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cookie's 10 Fact

Yes! As incredibly as it sounds, and after a year of having Cookie, these are her 10 Facts! I have been wanting to do them for a long time, because I felt like I owed her this. I have said it before, but I'm also planning on doing some small introduction post to share more info about the two stories that my dolls belongs to; I think it may be interesting, but I always feel so silly when writing "in character" or similar!

I know I have been spamming her a lot lately, but I can't help myself: I love her so very much! Anyways, the 10 Facts are under the cut!

10 Facts

  1. Her full name is Cookie Miu (pronounced like this), although she prefers only Cookie.

  2. Her animal self is a black kitten, and she keeps some cat's traits on her fairy form, having characteristic black kitten ears and tail.

  3. As other fairies on their world, she was born from a flower sapling. In her case, it was an orange rose sapling, from a tree where cats of her fairy-settlement go to sleep under its leaves.

  4. In her settlement, fairies got jobs assigned depending their animal self. While dragonfly fairies are known to humans as "fairy godmothers", mice fairies collect teeth, and so on. However, kitten fairies are like a MP: they supervise other fairies' work, and sometimes act as detectives, tracking loose ends. Cookie is loved in their world because she does her work really well.

  5. Cookie's favorite hobbies are napping, chasing the red dot and fighting the evil yarn xD

  6. She is also very extrovert, and takes little to make her extremely happy or sad. She likes to talk a lot, and sometimes thinks out loud.

  7. Her item is a notebook and a pencil made of a small branch from her orange rose tree. She uses her notebook to keep track of everything she does, and sometimes decorates it with doodles.

  8. She has a kitten friend named Mittens, that infiltrated the fairy settlement from the human world, after following a fairy back from work. They have been together ever since. Mittens also loves to climb to Cookie's head, and travel between her kitten ears.

  9. Her favorite colors are bright colors like orange, green, pink, yellow and cyan.

  10. Her favorite food is, of course, catnip and tuna.

Cookie also has a file of her own on my Charahub account. I hope you have liked this, and I will be posting more soon. I also plan on continuing the Sleeping Beauty photostory!

Thank you so much for reading :3


  1. I love your posts, so keep the spam coming :D!!!
    Lovely facts froma lovely dolly!

  2. Too cute! And her facts are such fun to read! :)

  3. It was great to get to know Cookie better! She's so adorable :3

    1. Thank you!!! I'm so happy you think so :3

  4. Que tierna es la historia de Cookie, tan dulce como es ella

  5. She's such a cutie, and so is her story! >v< I hope we'll get more photostories with her, and get to know her, Merry and Coco better :D

    1. Thank you!! I will do more stories with her and Merry! Coco is harder, since she is bigger, but she will feature in a couple of photostories of the fairies :3