Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crochet Boots for Tinies!

Hello! After doing some questions on Twitter and Tumblr, I decided to promote a special clothing type in our Etsy store, offering some fixed variations for the others. 

So, the first type of clothing will be tiny crochet boots for 16cm dolls!! This post will inform you all of things related to this sort-of-preorder, since we have two models, and almost 60 colors available!

The whole information is under the cut!

What is available?

We have two models: long and short, as can be seen on the first image. 
  • Long Boots: modeled by Cookie (tan doll at left, seagreen boots), and is a little taller than the ankle.
  • Short Boots: modeled by Merry (white skin doll at right purple boots) and barely covers the ankle joint.
The colors are not fixed, the photos just show samples, and you can choose your own color(s)! The colors are available on my chart, and are currently 59. You can check them on my thread chart, under the label "Standard Thread" (those labeled with only numbers).

The boots are only for 16cm dolls, and we are going to manage the following measure list:
  • Lati Yellow: 2.1cm length, 1cm wide.
  • Withdoll Tiny: 2.2cm length
  • Pukifee: 2.3cm length.
  • Luts Tiny Delf: 2.2cm length.
  • Aquarius 16cm: 2.2cm length
For those dolls not listed (like Crobidoll T-line or other 16cm dolls), you will have to send me length and width measures, just to be on the safe side.

The outer soles are black, and are slightly bendable to make easier to put and remove the boots from the doll feet.

Time and Cost Estimates

Time: Each pair will take between 2 and 5 working days to be done (it will depend on the color -the darker, the longer to make), and we ship on Modays, unless Monday is a holiday, and in that case we will ship on the next available working day.

Cost: each pair will cost $12 (in US dollars). 
However, we are offering discounts! If you order two pairs on the same order, each pair will cost $11. If you order three or more pairs, each one will cost $10!

How to Order?

For crochet orders we manage through our Etsy, so you will need to start a custom request (click here). Put on the title something like "Tiny boots request", and please, state clearly for each pair of boot:
  • Type of boot: [long/short]
  • Doll: (the doll from the list, or the length+width of the feet. Only 16cm tinies, please).
  • Color: [the number, picked from the chart]
We then will give you your current time estimate (in case we have several orders, will be first-come-first-serve), and after your boots are done, we will send you some photos through the conversation. After approval, a private listing will be done.

Shipping cost between $12 and $15, and is registered airmail with tracking number. It takes 15 days to the USA, and around 20~30 days to EU.

If you don't have Etsy account, contact me to musume[dot]desu[at]gmail[dot]com, and state the very same information. After the commission is done, I will send you the PayPal address and the cost+shipping value.

If you have any questions, please, let me know! I will gladly answer them :3


  1. Awww those are super cute!! <3 I can't believe how you can crochet something so tiny D: Yet the result still looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you!! I'm happy you like them :3
      But the credits go to my mom, she does the crochet and I do the sewing! Our Etsy is her store, I simply take photos/do communications/promotions :D

    2. Ahh sorry about that, I meant to write your mom ^^;;

    3. It is OK! After certain negativity I had, I always try to clarify :3
      I apologize the confusion!

  2. I was so happy to see your mother making boots for Lati Yellow and similar sizes :D Please tell her thanks from me. My mother has two shoeless girls. This will help her out. Haha.

    1. I will tell her! Really happy you liked them :3
      I'm hoping to have them ready soon!

  3. OH my god, they're so cute! If I had a tiny doll I would totally order some *o*

  4. quedaron super lindas, aunque ya te dije en twitter lo que pensaba y mi idea sobre un 3er par, si resulta sería muy lindo (o con pompones en el lado *u*..... pero yo no tengo monitos tan chicos. Siempre tengo los monos una proporción mas grande que tú: SD en vez de msd y YoSD en vez de estos xD

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Si, voy a probar el otro modelo luego :3
      Y es cierto, siempre tienes tamaños más grandes, ajajaja.