Sunday, 26 April 2015

Calina, Fabrics, Merry and more!

This has been a hell of a week! I'm having so much work to do -thankfully- that sewing on the evening is sometimes impossible. My mom and I are slowly working on an update for our Etsy store, so please, stay tuned!
Also, I'm slowly painting and working on Merry's ears, and so far, everything goes good: the cold porcelain flowers and leaves are already dry and I should probably glue them soon; I also painted the center pink spot, and left two whole days to dry. I will do the first layer of gloss on top of the pink this afternoon, so wish me luck!

Anyways, after my mom saw the jeggings I made for Coco, she asked me to do a pair for Calina, and I couldn't control myself, and also did a simple blouse for her. Also, Sherimi invited me to a new group in deviantArt called BJDChallenge, that weekly and monthly photo challenges. I'm not sure I would be able to participate weekly, but since Calina had a new outfit, and April's topic is spring, I decided to practice my photography a little...

So, here are some photos of Calina, and more rambling after the photos!

I also tried to play a little with photoshop, so... more pictures under the cut!

Anyways, I like the offset and bright edit of the photos, but I don't think they fit to the topic of the BJDChallenge group, sadly. Plus, even being member, I tried to submit something and it said I did not had permissions. Weird.

Finally, I wanted to share my new loot of fabrics!

Last week hubby and I went on a shopping spree, and we stopped by my favorite fabric store. I got this for fabrics, and I love them! The two at the top left (stripes and flowers) are ultra stretchy, the cyan polka-dot is a cotton, and the ivory one is an extremely thin matelasse or whatever it is spelled, that I will be using to do some coats for Coco! Besides jeans, I have always wanted coats!

Nevertheless, I need to do some blouses to use to take photos for the Etsy, plus, I need to start working on Coco's birthday dress, because I have a really cool idea and I hope to be able to do it... and that it will turn out OK. Nothing more depressing than having a good idea and don't being capable to transform it into art, clothing, photos, or anything.

Anyways, thank you so much for bearing with me! Have a nice weekend, and beware that the next interview will be up next Saturday! (Mat the 2nd).


  1. Good luck with the gloss! I really hope you won't have any more troubles >_<

    The pictures are so amazing! Calina looks so soft and dreamy :D

    The fabric looks so pretty! I hope you'll be able to make great things from them :) And good luck on the birthday dress!

    1. Thank you dear!! I really hope the gloss will stop giving me troubles T_T
      And the dress, I need to set on a design first! xD

  2. Great photos of Calina, I think the bright colored background fits well with her~ Maybe try contacting the group's admin about the problems you had with submitting? It might be possible that there's something wrong with the submission settings, so it would be good to let them know :3

    Love your new fabrics! Especially the blue floral <3

    Can't wait to see Coco's birthday dress!! Hope you're going to make a full birthday photoshoot with her :3

    1. Thank you! Yes, I told them about the issues, and after a long road of questions, they told me they will try to fix it. Hopefully they can do it!
      The fabrics are great, I love that fabric (already did a small shirt with it).
      And yes! Gonna do a big photoshoot, and probably will take pictures of the selected fabrics, too.

  3. Who would have thought Calina would rock the jeggins?! She looks GREAT!

    1. Thank you!!! She looks so good to me too!